Part of the culture at TKO Graphix is giving back. It’s in our backbone. For more than 30 years we’ve offered our help to the community and beyond. It’s bonded our employees as teammates, and strengthened our reputation. Besides, it feels good.  Here are seven of the ways we give back that any small business can copy.

7 Ways to Give Back

Pro Bono

Usually thought of as a legal term Pro Bono means, “Denoting work undertaken for the public good without charge.” What services or products can you donate? How can you give back? At TKO we’ve donated countless graphics. We’ve wrapped cars, semi-trailers, and even a motorcycle tank at no charge to help a charity. And we’ve provided many others with our products at cost. What product or service can you donate?


TKO sponsors events all year long. Occasionally we’re the lone sponsor but more often we’re an associate sponsor. Our contributions range from financial to donated products to offering a helping hand through volunteers. Swing into giving charity golf outing.

Employee Volunteers

At TKO we have a committee that shares volunteer opportunities with our teammates. It ranges from helping at a pet shelter to creating bra art for a cancer fundraiser. This year our employees once again participated in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive surpassing our previous count by adopting 50 Angels. And every year our team stands up to counted with a blood drive for Indiana blood center. Have You Scheduled a Blood Drive?

Lead by Example

The best example for us was the Toy Drive. TKO Graphix purchased a bike for every child who had a bike on their wish list. We added bikes to the gifts purchased by individual team members. We could almost see the smiles on the children’s faces Christmas morning. And that’s a pretty good example to set.

Support local

Sponsor local youth league sporting teams and give to local charities. One example of this is an annual Backpack Attack we help, which is a school supply drive to benefit local school children in our area. This year, TKO Graphix president, Tom Taulman II, participated in the Hendricks County, IN Real Men Wear Pink. The entire company supported his effort and raised more than $10,000. That’s leadership.

 Spread the Word

We do quite a bit with social media at TKO and not a month goes by that we don’t promote and support charitable initiatives. It only takes a moment and can make a difference.

Match Employees

Learn what your employees are passionate about and offer to match their commitment.

Are You Giving Back Enough?

If not why not? Here’s our challenge for you. Choose one or two of the actions listed above and make it happen. Why should you? Because it will solidify your team, add to your standings in the community, and it just feels good. Now go make it happen.