Let me begin with an admission — I predicted vacation resorts on the moon by now. I didn’t, though, predict the internet. However, for the following predictions, I sought the advice of our knowledgeable TKO Graphix Staff. Most of these predictions are beginning to appear, but we’ll see more of them in future. Here are a few future vehicle graphics predictions. 

Future Vehicle Graphics

More organizations will install graphics on more vehicles

It’s not only cost effective for smaller organizations with fewer vehicles to install decals/wraps, but an effective marketing tool. The trend to wrap all sorts of vehicles, not just large trailers, will continue. As well as small companies wrapping their vehicles.

“I had a Bryant dealer in Southeast Florida that had an HVAC company. He only had one service van. I finally convinced him (after about a year) to have his van decaled with the Bryant package. TKO decaled his one van. About two weeks later, he called me and apologized that he had not had his van decaled before. He said several times after his one van was decaled, people in his community stated: “your business must be really be growing, I see your vans everywhere.” — Can One Vehicle with Graphics Make a Difference for Your Business?

More non-traditional transportation

Boats, planes, motorcycles, and golf carts are all being wrapped today, but you’ll see more of this and more daring wraps. Buildings of all types, public and private, will be partially or completely wrapped.

How big can a building wrap be? How about a 12-story office building? “Reading “Curiosity is just the beginning,” the building wrap covers nearly the entire East and West sides of twelve-story Building 220. The project included 487 sections per side that fit together like a mosaic to reveal a final image that encouraged people to be actively curious.” — Sign Builder Illustrated – Discovering the Wonder of 3M’s Building Wrap

The industry will be greener

Milder solvents, greener inks, steam used to remove decals, and recyclable materials are in the future. One example is Eco-solvent. Eco-solvent inks are more environmentally friendly. These inks use less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than standard solvent inks. “Volatile organic compounds are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. Many VOCs are human-made chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of paints, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants.” EPA — What are volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

 Improved artwork technologies

We already have the WOW factor with digital printing, and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. This is going to be amazing. Holographic, illuminated, and dimensional imaging will be common. And BTW, holographic vehicle graphics came to life in 2020.  Wow.

“Puma used a holographic activation to promote its new Sky Dreamer sneaker around this year’s NBA All-Star weekend, the company shared with Marketing Dive. Smart media displays projected 3D visuals of the shoe and Puma-branded basketballs on the roofs of parked cars near Chicago landmarks.” — Marketing Dive – Puma brings targeted hologram ads to car roofs for NBA All-Star game

More window graphics

Removable window films on vehicles and structures will replace traditional graphics banners, posters and painted windows.

“Modern window graphics materials add to a graphics designers’ ability to share a message. Since the advent of adhesive vinyl graphics, made exclusively for glass area, the ball game has changed. How to use window graphics depends on your message and vehicles.” — 10 Examples of How to Use Window Graphics to Make Your Vehicle Wrap More Effective

Materials will get better

Improved materials such as more elastic, breathable vinyl, improved Teflon squeegees, and better rollers will make for longer lasting, better fitting graphics.

Future Vehicle Graphics Will Rock!

There you have it. What else would you predict? What are your predictions for your industry or passions?

I may still be waiting for a moon vacation resort, but I believe our team is on target with these predictions. Now if we could only predict the lottery.

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