Eric Benge, a member of the TKO Marketing team, had an idea. Why not conduct an employee drive for the benefit of Hendricks County Humane Society. He broached the subject to me, and I thought it was a great idea. There was one problem though, Eric is a dog person. and I like the superior species…cats. So, a challenge was born. We put two boxes in the TKO entryway, Dog Defenders and Cat Crusaders and then asked our teammates to “vote” with a donation, for their favorite. The challenge was on. It was a lot of fun, and we filled the boxes.


What does the Hendricks County Humane Society do?   

We asked Carol Battisini, President of the Hendricks County Humane Society, what they did. “We find homes and save lives. We look to educate the community on responsible pet ownership including spay and neuter…and we offer a pet food pantry” I can’t think of anything better than saving the life of another living thing…even dogs.

Want to hold a Challenge? We’ll Help

Former Hendricks County Humane Society President, Merrily Nilles, put out a call to action. She challenged any and all Hendricks County businesses to hold a benefit. If your business would like to put on a pet challenge Eric and I will help you. We’ll send you the graphics, emails to send, and a checklist for the event. If you would like our help contact us

So who won, Cats or Dogs?

The Dog Defenders defeated the Cat Crusaders 107 to 72. We don’t want to get “catty” but it wasn’t a dog-eat-dog battle. The canine crew ran away with the prize and “buried” it. The Hendricks County Humane Society was most grateful, “Thank you to everyone who contributed. You have personally saved the lives of many dogs and cats. Thank you all!” No we thank you for, “Finding homes and saving lives.”