Event planners and trade show vendors are always looking for ways to make their events pop with impressive visuals, and there are lots of options. One great option — window clings — they add a professional element to almost any event. They can be used for promotions and sales — and at the office, they can liven up an otherwise drab space. They can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes, and by following a few simple steps and using the proper tools, anyone can install a window cling just like a pro.

The Tools

• Glass cleaner
• Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
• Masking tape
• Level
• Spray bottle with soapy water

The Steps

• Clean the glass
• Tack the cling at the top with masking tape
• Use the level to properly set and adjust the cling
• Pull the decal up and away from the glass
• Spray the glass with soapy water
• Pull the liner down 1/2 from the top
• Squeegee the cling from the top down, pulling the liner down as needed
• Remove the liner
• Clean and dry the excess fluid

There you have it, one minute and 30 seconds (OK, maybe two minutes), and you have an impressive window cling for your marketing initiative or office environs. Keep window clings in mind for your next occasion — they add a special touch to any event. If you’d like to learn more about window clings, or other ways to make your efforts stand out, let us know.