My friend Kristi Came suggested this post. She may or may not like selling. Years ago, I was doing a video shoot with a local TV personality. He was known for standing up for the underdog, digging out the facts, and solving problems. I told him he would make a great salesperson. He was offended. His idea of what a salesperson was and mine were different. The best sales people dig out the facts and solve problems; they help people. Who hates helping others? Individual definitions of sales tender how we view the activity; what’s your definition of sales?

7 ways to Embrace Sales

  • Believe in your product – Sales begins with product or service. Without a product or service you believe in, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to sell. If you don’t believe in your product, if you wouldn’t recommend it to your friends—find another product.
  • Be a human person – Just be you. If you share common interests with your client let them know. See a picture of the family—ask about them. Notice a Purdue Boilermaker logo—sing the fight song (that was for Kristi.)
  • Gather knowledge – Knowing your product, industry, and your customer’s business is a constant source of confidence. Confidence is attractive, and it’s fun.
  • Solve problems – The best sales strategy is to solve problems for clients. There’s an old sales initialism ABC, Always be Closing. I suggest ABH, Always be Helping.
  • Learn to listen – The best way to make an impact is to listen to your customer and dig out their needs, wants, and desires.
  • Practice your presentation – Whatever sales presentation you use, practice it until you can’t get it wrong. Work on it until it feels natural, like sharing a story with a friend.
  • Follow up – Stay in touch with customers and prospects, and not only about business. Sometimes just say hi with a call, email, or card.

It Begins with You

Like the TV personality, I chatted with years go, your like or dislike of sales begins with you. Are you trying to talk someone into doing something that’s not in their best interest or are you offering to help? Are you marketing a product you don’t believe in or sharing a product that solves problems? If you believe in your product, service, and organization why wouldn’t you want to offer to help others? Isn’t that what sales should be? Forget about selling—go help someone today.