What would life in America without trucking look like? September 13th through the 19th is National Truck Driver appreciation week. We thought it would be a good time to consider all that trucking and truck drivers contribute to the American way of life.

“National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for America to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These 3.5 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely, and on time, they also keep our highways safe.” — ATA National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Trucking and truck drivers are vital to our prosperity

While researching the trucking industry’s impact on American consumers, I found this piece prepared by the American Trucking Associations, “Commercial truck traffic is vital to our nation’s economic prosperity and plays a significant  role in mitigating adverse economic effects during a national or regional emergency. Our economy depends on trucks to deliver ten billion tons of virtually every commodity consumed—over 80 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S. In the U.S. alone, this accounts for $700.4 billion worth of goods transported by truck.” — When Trucks Stop, America Stops

The paper continues by effectively describing what happens to food, health care, waste removal, transportation, manufacturing, and more in an America without trucking.

Our economy depends on trucking and truck drivers 

“The United States economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S., accounting for $671 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods transported by truck in the U.S. alone. Add $295 billion in truck trade with Canada and $195.6 billion in truck trade with Mexico.” — — Truckinfo.net

According to Forbes Custom, “Trucking is the driving force behind all companies’ worldwide supply chains, moving nearly everything consumed in this country. Nearly 80% of U.S. communities receive their goods exclusively by truck. Virtually all U.S. goods touch a truck during at least one leg of the supply chain. Trucking moves nearly 70% of all freight tonnage in this country. Even goods that have traveled by railroads eventually wind up on a truck for the ‘last mile’ of the delivery.” An America without trucking is an America without goods.”

10 Outcomes of an America Without Trucking

  1. Groceries, fuel, medical supplies, garbage removal, and clean water would all soon be scare.
  2. In a week or two, garbage and waste would become more than a nuisance and an eye sore. It would become a potential health hazard.
  3. Grocers would run out of perishables in two or three days.
  4. Banks would run short of cash and ATM’s would be out of money in as little as a day.
  5. Hospitals and pharmacies would begin running out of medications. For example, some medical facilities would run short of oxygen and blood in only a few days.
  6. The clean water supply would be disrupted, as vital chemicals would not be shipped to water purification plants.
  7. Most gas stations would run out of fuel in less than a week, and some, in a day.
  8. Home delivery and mail would be affected.
  9. Container ships and rail logistics would be disrupted as ships sit idle at docks.
  10. Travel by automobile would slow to a halt as fuel reserves run out.

So, What Would Life in America Without Trucking Look Like?

I believe many of us take the American trucking industry and its dedicated drivers for granted. I know I have, but considering the statistics, it’s obvious how different our country would be without this vital industry, and the more than 10 million Americans that trucking employs. Life in America without trucking would be a disaster for us all. Thank a trucker today! Let them know they are appreciated.

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