We cross promote our customers, their services, and the work we’ve done for them. It begins by asking our customers for permission to share our work and how we can support their efforts. Our sales and CSR staff members reach out to clients, and we send this email to every completed job.

We’d like to Promote Your Organization

TKO’s YouTube Channel, TKO Graphix Video, and our Brandwire Blog have combined for more than 100,000 visits, and we’d like to cross-promote your organization, and our work, on these channels. The response to our social media efforts has been overwhelmingly positive. People enjoy seeing marketing and advertising initiatives. If you’d like us to promote your business, please complete the attached release. Thank you!

Why is this important?

Where do consumers begin the sales cycle? Where do you start when you’re shopping for a service provider, is it online? Do you google a search; check out websites, vet testimonials and complaints? Most consumers do. And if you’re like most consumers, then seeing, hearing, and understanding how a provider has helped others, helps you towards a buying decision.

Where do you Start?

The first step is to identify customers and seek their permission to cross promote. You’ll need a signed release.  Next, research the customers online presence, follow them on social media, review their website, read their about page and mission statement. After that, it’s simply a question of deciding on the best format for cross promotion.

Promote Your Customer

Regardless of what you write or show be sure to include promotional information about your customer as well. Conduct an interview in person, by phone, or email. Quote from their website about page. Explain the services they offer and talk about their community involvement.

Promote the Promotion

Follow your customer on social media. Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? Publish the post on your website and share the post on your social media networks.

Help your Customer

Share all photos and video with your client. Offer to write a guest post or testimonial and be sure to tell them to share the published post in any way they feel is suitable.

It Doesn’t End There

Cross promoting your customers is a great way to share your message, show your work, and post testimonials. Video can be used to show potential customers how you solve problems similar to theirs. Photos can be used to highlight your products, while blog posts, and case studies may double as printed collateral material. But something else is at work here. Promoted customers are loyal customers; they don’t forget—they come back. And they not only come back—they send their friends to you. Do you need more leads?