Lee Faulkner—master designer, adviser, fabricator, and installer, at TKO Signs manager—had previously worked with the Clarks Creek Elementary administration on several projects. They’d even used crayon images at other schools. They came to Lee with the idea of creating crayons out of the pillars in the hall. The problem was—the pillars were shaped nothing like a crayon. How can you make something that is the wrong size, shape, and appearance look like something else? However, one look at the Clarks Creek Elementary theme signage and you see that Lee accomplished it.

It’s a Whimsical Creative Theme

I asked Lee how he came up with the design, and he said, “It defies categorization, and it’s not really a dimensional or architectural sign… it’s a whimsical creative theme. In the past, all the crayon images we did were airbrushed.” Lee continues, “The one at Clarks Creek is a combination of paint and adhesive vinyl, and the bands and lettering are vinyl. The challenge was to make this odd shaped pillar look like a crayon to the human eye. This was primarily accomplished through the use of color.”

Think Outside the Pillar

We all hear about thinking outside the box, but how often do we take advantage of our opportunities to do so? Lee and his team at TKO Signs are always looking for ways to create signs that don’t fit categories; signs that leave a lasting impression… signs that people talk about. If you’d like an effective whimsically themed sign like the crayon covered pillars at Clark’s Creek Elementary, the TKO Signs team would be happy to support your efforts. Give us a call at 1-888-544-8051.

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