Red Gold Tomatoes truck graphics by TKO Graphix

We like Red Gold. A lot. What’s not to like? They’re an Indiana based company with a great story. They have colorful and fun trailer wraps. You can’t miss them, and we’ve been privileged to help them with both truck graphics and signage. They’re a growing progressive company who uses advertising, social media, and vehicle wraps effectively to build their brand. Like I said — we like Red Gold.

It Began as a Patriotic Endeavor

When Pearl Harbor was attacked and America joined WWII, Grover Hutchinson, a retired cannery operator, came out of retirement to form a new cannery. He thought the best thing he could do was help feed our American servicemen and women, so that’s what he did. With the help of his daughter, Frances, they restored a fire damaged canning facility in Orestes, Indiana, founding the Orestes Canning Company, which later became Red Gold Inc. Hutchinson invited local farmers to plant tomatoes. The business began modestly, offering two products — peeled tomatoes and tomatoes puree. The rest is history.

Brand Solidarity

Whether it’s sponsoring donations to Food Charities, advertising on big and small screens, or offering recipes on Pinterest, Red Gold meets and broadcasts their employee created mission statement, “To produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world.” In doing so, we think they’ve become a great company. World-class companies offer world-class products. Are you world-class? Does the world know it? Contact us — we’d be happy to help you tell the world.

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