It’s no secret there’s a shortage of truck drivers, technicians, and other personnel in the trucking and logistics industries. And it’s not going to get any better any time soon. With a large number of boomers retiring from the industry combined with millennials, for the large part, being unattracted to the business—it’s not going to get any easier. Companies that understand the importance of recruiting will profit and survive—others won’t.

 You Need a Plan

And we can help you with a plan. If your hiring system has been to put an ad in the newspaper, take a few phone calls, and accept applications—that’s not much of a plan. In an industry that effectively uses checklists and procedures better than most. An industry geared to track and save penny’s that add up to millions—too often recruiting is unplanned and left to chance. Effective recruiting takes planning and preparation.

Where are the Best Recruits?

The guide covers where to find the best recruits and how to know if they will fit your needs. It discusses the importance of character, skills, and training while sharing proven techniques in vetting and interviewing candidates. The guide will help you create your own employee profile and candidate selection process.

Forms and More  

The guide includes forms such as an employment application and interview questions. Checklists and outlines have been placed throughout the guide. The guide covers the recruiting process step-by-step from recruiting to retention. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll assist any way we can. A strong trucking industry is critical to the American economy, and we feel privileged to assist in any possible way. Contact us here.

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