Advertising Cost Comparison

per thousand impressions

Television $17.78 71
Radio $8.61 34
Newspaper $22.95 91
Magazine $9.35 37
         Billboard $2.18 8
    Vehicle Graphics $.77 3

American's Reached By
Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
Looking for an effective and affordable way to create brand awareness, build credibility, and get your marketing message seen by thousands of potential customers everyday? Vehicle graphics and car wraps have been proven to be a smart investment of your marketing dollars. You already own the advertising space, why not make it into your own mobile billboard? Think of it this way — would you open a retail space and have no signs?

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are many variables, including size and type of vehicle, coverage, grade of material, and artwork costs, but a typical vinyl car or truck wrap can run from $1200 to $3000. Not quite ready for that investment? Instead of doing a full wrap, sometimes decaling a vehicle can be just as effective at a fraction of the cost.

Vehicle Wrap Cost Breakdown: If one service van, fully wrapped with premium vinyl, was kept for 5 years; the cost of advertising would only be 73¢ per day. 

What’s the process?
It begins with design — either with your own art submission, or artwork created from TKO’s experienced design team. Then, the graphics are printed in one of TKO’s two print shops, digital or screen print. Weeding and premasking are done in our finishing department in preparation for installation or shipping. Finally, our installation professionals install your vehicle graphics.

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