Let me tell you why you should choose TKO Graphix. For more than 30 years TKO Graphix has built a reputation for outstanding design, installation, and customer service. Last year we completed graphics on nearly 60,000 fleet vehicles, tractors, trailers, and trucks. However, we don’t only sell vehicle graphics we’re involved in the process every step of the way. That’s only part of why you should choose TKO Graphix for your fleet graphics needs.


The TKO Graphics designers are professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience. They make a demanding job look easy. Our designers can format your design, create graphics from scratch to fit your needs, or turn your idea into an attention-grabbing graphic.

Why You Should Choose TKO Graphix for Your Fleet Graphics


Why you should choose TKO Graphix has multiple answers. We have two complete large format print departments, digital, and screen. “There are advantages and disadvantages to both printing systems. However, many print shops have eliminated screen print, and many newer shops have never used screen print. Even though screen printing seems old-school, there is a time and a place for both processes, and you should have a choice.” — Digital or Screen Print What Should You Use?


Unlike many vehicle graphic providers, we have separate facilities for vehicle graphic removal (often referred to as de-identification.) Not only do we have locations specifically built for trailer maintenance and graphic removal, but we also have dedicated trained personnel. And we’re proud to say that we use environmentally friendly methods of removal.


“TKO has more than 100 full-time, employee installers with the highest level of certification. There are two primary vehicle graphics installation certification programs. PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance), which is administered by SGIA (Specialty Graphics Imaging Association), and UASG (United Application Standards Group), through 3M. Both require extensive training and testing. However, there are different levels of certification. For example, PDAA offers both basic and master certification. According to PDAA, “Basic certification accommodates companies that have absolutely no interest in doing vehicle wraps with complex curves.” —  FAQ: What questions should I ask about vehicle graphics?

Why You Should Choose TKO Graphix

One reason you should choose TKO Graphix is because we offer full service. We can help with your entire project or any part of it. At TKO, we provide complete graphics solutions, from start to finish. As TKO Graphix president, Tom Taulman II said, “We can, design, manufacture, de-identify, and install, and we’re capable of any of the steps you may need.”

Vehicle graphics, advertising on your fleet, branding your cars, trucks. and trailers is nothing new. Businesses advertised on horse drawn wagons more than 100 years ago. Even then savvy business owners realized the value of advertising on their fleet. It seemed like common sense. It’s the same today because vehicle graphics impact on your business can be huge.

Why Your Business Needs Vehicle Graphics 

A white paper published by Wheels, Vehicle Branding: Is there hidden value in your fleet?  shared the following, “Vehicular advertising is certainly not a new phenomenon — for more than a century, companies have recognized the economic value of having a company vehicle double as a mobile advertising campaign. But as more and more research emerges, the more apparent the benefits of vehicle branding become. For example, according to a recent study conducted by the American Trucking Association and Robinson, Yesawich & Pepperdine, vehicle graphics offer many advantages:

  • 75% of the people surveyed developed a first impression about a company and its products from truck advertising.
  • 91% of people notice ads mounted on the sides of trucks and can recall the ad days later.
  • Nearly a third of people would base a buying decision on the impression they got from the vehicle.
  • Vehicles are the best way to provide targeted, mobile coverage over an entire marketing area.
  • Ads are viewed by business customers as well as retail consumers.”

Stand Out from the Crowd

Vehicle graphics, when used properly, are an effective tool not only to stand out, but also to stand above your competition. Consider this, the biggest and best in almost any industry advertise on their fleets. Their vehicles have more than simple identification; they’re branded with company logos, fonts, colors, taglines, contact information, and calls to action. When a consumer sees these vehicles, they immediately know who they are because they identify the car or truck with the brand.

What’s Your Brand? 

Advertising on vehicle graphics is no different in principle than any other form of advertising. Once a strong brand identity has been determined, it must remain consistent and reliable to the consumer. Often the excitement of vehicular advertising leads companies to design each vehicle in a striking and visually stunning way, but with a complete lack of consistency across their fleet. If no two vehicles are the same in their use of graphics, or color scheme, then consumers will not consistently identify the brand. We understand this and that’s one of the reasons why you should choose TKO Graphix for your fleet graphics.

Are you Making a Good Impression?

Roadmark Inc. estimates each road type to have the following impressions per mile:

Road Type Impressions Per Mile

Rural Interstate 31

Suburban interstate 35

Urban interstate 48

Secondary arterial 68

City street—major market 93

City street—secondary market 131

Impressions aren’t only from passing vehicles but also pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles. Vehicles also gain impressions while parked, for example, delivering goods, completing service at a customer, or parked at the place of business. Vehicle advertising only ends when the vehicle is garaged, other than that it’s a 24/7 billboard for an organization.

One Plus One

So, when we put these two stats together, the number of impressions per hour and the impact on those impressions on consumers, we realize that vehicle graphic branding can make a huge impact on your business. Our customers have been sharing stories with us for years about how vehicle graphics have brought them new customers. When you think about it, the idea isn’t all that complicated. Just like it was more than 100 years ago, it’s just common sense.

Why You Should Choose TKO Graphix

The bottom line is vehicle graphics have a huge impact on your business either good or bad. The absence of vehicle graphics in today’s market is a bad mark for most businesses, as our badly designed, poorly printed, or improperly installed fleet graphics. So, to answer why you should choose TKO Graphics is easy. Because  vehicle graphics work, and we’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing vehicle wraps that drive your message home for more than 30 years.

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TKO Graphix is a national fleet and vehicle graphics company helping customers since 1985. We provide full-service graphic design, digital printing, screen printing, graphics installation, and removal of large format graphics.

We’re a fleet and vehicle graphics company and since 1985, we’ve been helping businesses, large and small, brand their fleet of tractor-trailers, service trucks and company vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of thousands or a few vehicles, we are here to lead you through the vehicle branding process.