This post is about easy ways to share your fleet graphics. Your newly branded fleet of vehicles look professional, and send a positive message. The design captures your culture, brand, and shares your services along with a call to action.

Your fleet of cars and trucks are on the road every day whether on local roads or national highways. They’re parked at your clients’ places of business and customers’ homes for all to see. You’re proud of professional fleet and they represent your company well.

So, what other places should you share your fleet graphics? The short answer is anywhere you’d like to present a professional image and promote your brand. Now that you have made the investment of advertising of your fleet, here are some ways to share your fleet graphics in places you may not have thought about.

10 Easy Ways to Share Your Fleet Graphics off the Road

1. Website

Hire a professional photographer to take a photo of your fleet in front of your business or set up the photo shoot yourself. Cell phones are pretty amazing these days and work well for online photos. Place the photo on the top third of your home page on your website. If the top third is unavailable, you can place the photo under services, products, testimonials, or on your blog. Here’s an example, TKO Graphix Website Home Page.

2. Social Media

Share photos of your fleet graphics on all your business social media accounts. You can share images of your graphics on the home page of each network. For example, you’ll find TKO Graphix vehicles on the home page of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. But don’t stop there, occasionally post images of your fleet in different locations. You can even urge your commercial drivers to send in photos of their vehicle, which will encourage employee engagement as well.

3. Printed Collateral Material

Don’t buy into the current trend that printed collateral material is dead. It’s not. People still want brochures to put in their hands, not everyone, but enough to make it worth your while. When you add images of your fleet graphics to your brochures it shows your professionalism.

4. Videos

Every video you share doesn’t have to be professionally produced. Take a short video with a customer. Shoot a video of your vehicle in front of your building. Real simple videos shared on social media are often viewed more than more elaborate videos.

If you think I’m exaggerating about how effective real simple video can be, check out this video. How to remove a decal. It was shot on my phone. It’s shaky, noisy, and shows the top of Bill’s bald head too much, but it also has 40,000 views.

5. Advertising

Whether you run a print ad or a television commercial, include images of your fleet graphics in your advertising. Placing an image of your work van at the top of a newsprint ad or in the background makes you more familiar. It’s also eye catching and grabs attention. A few seconds of your company truck pulling up to a client’s home or business can tell a big story in just a few video frames.

6. Signs

I saw home remodeling company’s yard sign in my neighborhood that featured an image of their work truck in the background. It was instantly recognizable. I knew who the business was and what they did before I read the sign. I’ll remember them when I need their help. An image of your fleet graphics can be added to the background of any sign you have from yard signs to billboards.

7. Digital Banner Ads

If your business runs digital banner ads why not add your work trucks to the layout? Once again, great fleet graphics shared on a banner ad can make your business instantly recognizable. Keep in mind that people are more apt to pay attention to brands they’re familiar with. So, putting your brand out there consistently is the key to brand recognition.

8. Shipping Materials

Envelopes, shipping labels, shipping containers, custom branded shipping tape, and even packing slips can all share your fleet graphics.

9. Business Cards

Share your fleet graphics on your business cards, whether it’s a full view or partial image, it’s a great way to create instant recognition. I remember meeting someone at a networking event who handed me their card. I looked at the card and immediately said, “I’ve seen your trucks on the road.” With one simple image on a card, I knew who they worked for and what the company did.

10. Email Signature

There’s room for a small image in your email signature. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a “How to” from Microsoft Outlook, Add a logo or image to your signature (It’s the second subhead).

10 Ways to Share Your Fleet Graphics

If you’ve invested in professional fleet graphics use them to your advantage and show them off. Share your fleet graphics. Add them to your website, social media, and brochures. Take photos and create simple short videos. Use fleet graphics in your advertising, signage, and even on your business cards.

Quality fleet graphics make your business stand out and show your professionalism, and by sharing them across media you’ll create a consistent and memorable brand.

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