I know effective vehicle graphics when I see them. I was strolling through the TKO Graphix breakroom when I met Ernie Clemons and Isaac Badry. I introduced myself and asked if they were waiting on a vehicle. They were. More than one. They were having graphics installed on trucks and trailers. We chatted and then I offered to take them on a tour of our facilities. We ended up in the installation bay as our team of outstanding installers completed the graphics on their fleet vehicles. So, how do you create effective vehicle graphics without breaking the bank?

I commented that they were smart to purchase dark trucks, which made a perfect background to frame their logo and contact information. I went on to say that sometimes we wrap an entire vehicle when if the best color of car or truck had been ordered a full wrap wouldn’t be needed. For example, just the week before we completed a full warp with a black background over a white van.

Effective Vehicle Graphics without Breaking the Bank

Ernie and Isaac then shared that TKO Graphix COO, Denny Smith, had advised them of this. It’s why they decided on decals on their dark vehicles. Denny told them, that in their case decals would be cost-effective and as good for branding and marketing as a more expensive full wrap. I think Denny was correct, and so do Ernie and Isaac.

Who is 2 Brothers Pressure Washing?

To begin with, they’re two brothers, from different mothers. They’re brothers-in-law, which in our book is just about the same as two brothers – I mean they’ll be two uncles, right. And 2 Brothers Pressure Washing sounds a heck of a lot better than 2 Brothers-in-law Pressure Washing, don’t you think!?

Who Does 2 Brothers Pressure Washing help?

They handle jobs of all sizes and types. “For example: Commercial, Residential and Private. We are available to you at any time, Monday through Sunday. 24/7. Our hours are your hours. If something needs washed, we are there.”

What’s 2 Brothers Territory?

All of Indiana

How Experienced Are They?

2 Brothers has more than 10 plus years’ experience in business and residential pressure washing. They also are accredited with 50 credits in I-CAR, OSHA-10, Business Management, and Auto Reconditioning

2 Brothers Pressure Washing’s motto is, “Give us your business and we give you our word that you will never be disappointed.” — 2 Brothers Pressure Washing

What Else Does 2 Brothers Offer?

The 2 Brothers team also does auto detailing. If you’d like to see some of their work and check out a price list go here, Auto Detail Services.

What Do Customers Have to Say?  

I Goggled 2 Brothers Pressure Washing and found 30 local reviews with an average of 5 stars! Here are what a few customers had to say about 2 Brothers Pressure Washing.

“Firefighter/Military owned and it shows! Everything looks great, I really can’t believe how clean it is!! We were looking for quality (no scary lines in the siding) and found it. Yay! They were knowledgeable and concerned with my needs. Hardworking and thorough. Very quality job! We will call again in the future. Thanks Two Brothers!”

“Two Brothers cleaned my house, deck, and driveway in freezing, miserable weather! I told them I was having company, and they promised to get my house clean before my guests arrived. Great guys! I will use them again. As someone else said, it’s obvious these guys are former military and currently serving as firefighters. Perfect job!”

“Not only are they quick and very reasonably priced, but the job they do is incredible! They transformed our gray retaining wall to look like brand new lumber! Our driveway, walk, and patio area is clean and continues to lighten a little with each rain, just as they explained. These guys know their stuff and did a fantastic job! They arrived on time and worked hard.”

More reviews

“On time, on budget and my house and driveway have never looked better. Kyle took the time to learn about the house before starting, explained what he was going to do and then walked the house with me when finished. I also greatly appreciated the follow-up call the day before so that I could plan my work schedule. I highly recommend this business.”

“Had Two Brothers out to the house again today. THESE GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. They came over with only a 1-day notice before a major holiday and once again, did a fantastic job. On time, on budget and the house looks amazing for Thanksgiving. Thank you again – especially given the holiday time crunch. Your company and customer service are the best. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Two Brothers Effective Vehicle Graphics

effective vehicle graphics

The plotter cut decals are perfectly matched to the 2 Brothers Pressure Washing trucks and trailers. By using contrasting light green and blue lettering the information pops. Easy to read fonts make the contact information highly accessible. 2 brothers Pressure Washing understands that vehicle graphics are more than identification, they’re advertising. And when fleet graphics are considered from an advertising perspective the question you must answer is, “What do you want to advertise?” Is it a special offer, unique sales position, service such as 24-hour customer service, product, or brand?

In the case of 2 Brothers Pressure Washing they kept it simple which is usually a good idea with fleet graphics because consumers may only have seconds to see the message. 2 Brothers focused on what they do, Pressure Washing, and how to contact them. It’s simple, straight forward, it works, and you don’t have to mortgage the house to get it done.

How Can We Help You?

Does your organization have effective vehicle graphics? If not, we can help. Since 1985 we’ve designed manufactured, and installed graphics on hundreds of thousands of fleet vehicles, from four and five truck heating & cooling providers to international shipping companies with 10’s of thousands of trucks, trailers, and more. Regardless whether your business is a multinational or a mom & pop we can help you drive your business home. If we can be of any service or answer any questions about your fleet graphics needs please, Contact Us. We’ll help you create effective vehicle graphics without breaking the bank, request a free quote today!