Only a few years ago food trucks were an anomaly in the Indianapolis market. In 2010 we didn’t see a lot of food trucks here at TKO Graphix, Installing the West Coast Tacos Food Truck Decals. Today it seems there are food trucks on every corner. There’s a lot of competition for customers as well as locations. Now more than ever it’s critical for a food truck to stand out or be left behind. And a food truck wrap can make all the difference.

4 Keys to Standing Out

1. Grab your customer’s attention 

Bright, colorful graphics that tell a story are a great way to connect. Here’s an example, Scouts Treat Truck. The owner of Scouts Treat Truck, Lisa Moyer, had a great story to tell. Her cupcakes are original recipes brought over from the old country by her great-great-aunt Pippa Scout. The truck design incorporates images from Pippa’s era. And it doesn’t hurt that the cupcakes are wonderful!

2. Make contact

Have you ever looked at an advertisement and wondered how to contact the vendor? I have. I shouldn’t have to search for contact information, and neither should your customer. All contact information should be easy to find and easy to read. Phone number, address, website, social media, and email when applicable should be up front for all to see. How important is contact information? It can make all the difference. The Trouble with Food Trucks in the winter.

3. Side-by-side-by-side-by-side

A food truck has four sides, five if you count the top, and every side should be a part of the whole design. It should all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and the top hierarchy messages should be on every side.

4. Do not. I say, do not DIY

I was at an event a couple of years ago that had invited several food trucks. One of the trucks was an obvious DIY. I asked who did the wrap and learned it was the owner’s brother-in-law. The images were pixelated, the seams didn’t match up, and the overall effect was—distasteful. I didn’t order any food. Did I tell you the food photos looked like something raccoons pulled out of the trash? Hire a professional designer and please, please, please if you’re going to use food photos hire a professional photographer. Here’s an example of what a pro food photo should look like. Dawson’s Too Food Truck

Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Don’t be that food truck designed and wrapped by the brother-in-law. Hire professionals to design a wrap. Pay a pro to grab people’s attention, share your contact information, and set your image above the competition.

If you’d like to learn more about food truck wraps contact us. We’ll take that order to go, please.