In this video, Jason Scheurer, TKO Graphix National Account Manager and R & D specialist, discusses the benefits of large format screen print. TKO grew up with screen print—it’s where we started. Today we have a variety of digital options such as our HP Turbo and HP Scitex printers. However, we continue to maintain our screen department and here’s why.

You Should Use Screen Print When…

• A smooth, pixelation free print is desired

• You need a color that falls out of CMYK gamut

• You’re ordering a large number of prints using only one or two colors

• You want to protect your graphic with clear coat

Jason shares these and other advantages of large format screen print. Before assuming digital is the answer to your large format graphics needs consider this—screen might be a better fit and more cost effective. If you’d like to learn if screen could be your best solution, we’d be happy to screen your questions. Contact us here.

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