About Glenn Burris

Glenn Burris is the Executive National Accounts Manager at TKO Graphix. Glenn specializes in fleet and signage re-brand projects throughout the US. He has been with TKO Graphix for over 25 years and has an extensive production and installation background. You can contact him at 317-371-6203 or gburris@tkographix.com.
18 01, 2018

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weightlifting Program  

By |2018-01-18T09:10:15-04:00January 18th, 2018|Wellness|

Being a gym rat for the last 35 years, I’m always looking for ways to improve my weightlifting program and my performance. Like many people I’ve tried anything that would help me build quality muscle within reason. My goal is to build and retain muscle, not strength, so most of the information here is based [...]

30 08, 2017

Is it Time for Your Business to Think About Outsourcing?

By |2017-08-30T10:05:26-04:00August 30th, 2017|Small Business Matters|

Have you ever thought about outsourcing, using a wholesale manufacturing company? Building your business without the associated costs of manufacturing your projects can be a great way to increase profits.  Production facilities, labor, equipment, and materials eat up your bottom line. Using a wholesale company to manufacture your products gives you the freedom to concentrate [...]

24 08, 2015

How to Reduce Fleet Graphics Removal Expense                                          

By |2018-09-19T11:38:08-04:00August 24th, 2015|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

Fleet graphics have become more popular in recent years especially large format vehicle and trailer wraps. A lot of thought goes into these projects including concept, design, material specifications, printing, and the installation. There are exceptions, but most companies put little thought into the removal of the graphics once the promotion is over. Some private [...]