The title of this post, Awesome to Work with,  is a recent Google review from Dane Dittemore, of LightBound; the Indianapolis based internet, voice, and data provider. “Awesome to work with and the results are second to none.” Dane, we thank you for the kind words and your patronage. It means a lot to us. We value our customers, and we think your team is pretty awesome to work with as well.

Last week I attended a TKO Graphix marketing meeting, which included the president, director, and two VP’s. During the conversation, I shared a bad sales experience I’d recently had from a home services company. It doesn’t matter what it was, other than it was far from professional.

Awesome to Work With

Our sales team is the opposite of the unprofessional sales person I encountered. Our team is awesome to work with. They do their best to meet our customer’s needs and solve their problems. Unfortunately, after seven years of working with our team, I take what they do for granted.  It’s the same with our staff of CSR’s, just scan the TKO Graphix Google reviews, and you’ll see mention after mention of our awesome team of CSR’s.

The Results are Second to None

Dane said, “…the results are second to none.” How many of us have said the opposite when we’ve been personally disappointed in work we’ve hired? I needed to read Dane’s review to put TKO’s customer service in perspective. Our print departments, finishing, quality control, shipping, and installation teams are the best in the industry. And part of the reason they’re the best is they care.

It’s Our People

A few years ago I hired an industry experienced CSR to join our staff at TKO Graphix.  She’d worked in large format print for more than 10 years. Her first two weeks at TKO were primarily shadowing in every department. After her two week introduction, she took me aside and said, “In all my years I’ve never worked anywhere that so many people cared about doing things right.” Dane, I’d like to clarify something. TKO Graphix isn’t awesome—our people are. Thank you Dane, for helping me see the forest for the trees.

Who is LightBound?

“LightBound is a leading Indianapolis-based provider of Internet, voice and data solutions.

Yes, large regional and national providers can offer similar products and technology, but they can’t compare with LightBound’s local service. That’s why everyone from Lucas Oil Stadium to the State of Indiana trusts their data, voice and Internet service to LightBound.

When it comes to technology, our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center and always-on, always-available service is the foundation for all communications. So whether you’re looking for a secure, scalable datacenter or lightning-fast Internet, LightBound keeps you connected. Always.” — Lightbound Company Overview

It’s Because We Care

At TKO Graphix we try. Are we perfect? No, but we try, we care, and when we make a mistake, we fix it. If you’d like to discuss fleet graphics for your organization’s vehicles Contact Us, because that would be awesome.

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TKO Graphix is a national fleet and vehicle graphics company helping customers since 1985. We provide full-service graphic design, digital printing, screen printing, graphics installation, and removal of large format graphics.

We’re a fleet and vehicle graphics company and since 1985, we’ve been helping businesses, large and small, brand their fleet of tractor-trailers, service trucks and company vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of thousands or a few vehicles, we are here to lead you through the vehicle branding process.

TKO Graphix is a Certified 3M™ MCS™ Warranty graphics manufacturer. Our installation crews are 3M Certified and are employees of TKO Graphix, not sub-contractors.