How important is a call to action from your signage. A good sign is part of an organization’s brand; it identifies its location, and shares the businesses USP (Unique Selling Position). But a great sign goes one step further—it issues an effective call to action.

5 Steps to a Superior Call to Action

Add urgency

In sales, urgency is defined as getting a reward for taking action within a limited time frame such as, contact us this month and save 20%. Or it can be the fear of missing out on a reward by not taking action.

ET phone home

Make it easy to call your business. Your phone number should not only be posted large enough to be able to quickly scan, and be easy to read, but it should also be easy to remember. For example, 1-800-800-HEAT would be a memorable number for an HVAC company. I’ll bet you remember that number tomorrow.

Direct customers to your website

The website should also be easy to read and memorable. Websites are usually placed on the lower third of a sign. People come to expect to find them there. Add some urgency to the website with a call to action such as, look for our new visitor discount coupon.

Help customers find your store

Give directions like, “Turn left at exit 32, and you’ll find us 500 feet on the right.” Put your address in good contrast near the bottom of your sign, and consider adding urgency such as using a code for a discount.

Share social media icons

Let prospects know they can interact with you on social media, and once again add some urgency. A bowling alley could say follow us on Instagram for one free game. Speaking of a call to action how about political signage.

The Politics of Political Yard Signs

At TKO we avoid controversial topics including politics. However, when the political campaigning season arrives, we’re asked to create and print hundreds of yard signs and banners for every political party at all levels. The prevailing political sign is the yard sign but we’ve printed all types of banners and signs, in all shapes and sizes for political campaigns.

How long have political signs been used?

Upon excavation of Pompeii, political slogans and endorsements for candidates were found covering the city walls. Political signage goes back as far as free elections go. I’m currently reading Pulitzer Prize winning author, David McCullough’s fine book Truman. In 1948 when Truman ran for president his campaign used banners and signs on railway whistle stop tours across the USA. In the 1948 election, as today, both the Democratic and Republican national conventions shared a profusion of signs. Check out all the signage in this clip from the 1948 Democratic Convention. And in the spirit of bipartisanship, take a look at these signs and posters from 1944 Republican Presidential Campaign. Political signs are nothing new.

Do political yard signs make an impact?

Several studies have shown that yard signs for national races make little impact; less than 2% of the electorate is swayed by yard signs for national office. The reason being, people know the candidates and have made up their minds. Larger signs, such as billboards, can be useful to help get the vote out for these races. However, for smaller races, where voters may not know the candidates, yard signs can have an impact on the election.

“In smaller races – for city council, sheriff, school board — where many voters don’t know the candidates, signs can tip the scales. The reason is something psychologists call the “mere exposure effect,” which says the more humans becomes familiar with something, the more they tend to like it. “– Cleveland Plain Dealer

Are you in the running?

If you’re running for local office or are on a campaign team and would like to know more about political signs, Contact Us. We’d be happy to help and advise you on every aspect of yard signage from design and layout to sign options and printing. You have our signage vote.

TKO Your CTA Consultant

Creating a call to action on any sign begins with a clear and easy to read design that incorporates good color contrast, highly visible fonts, and appropriately sized lettering. It continues with proper placement of the CTA, and ends with an urgency — a reason for future clients to take action. If you’d like to learn more about creating signage with a strong CTA, Contact Us. We offer free signage consolation. That’s a call to action!