I’m a beer geek. My beer fridge has more than 150 beers of all styles from around the world. I like beer, and I like this wrap. Beer and vehicle wraps are a great combination. They pair well. Did I say pair? How about triple? Craftroads Beverage made a three for one box truck wrap!

“We don’t want to provide the most beer, just the best beer.”

“Here at Craftroads beverage, craft means more than just the level of quality to us, it means a dedication to hard work, great people, great service, and locally focused. Craftroads Beverage is founded on more than 60 years of industry experience and a shared passion for exceptional craft beer. Inspired by each amazingly unique backstory, style and flavor of diverse craft brewers, Craftroads Beverage hopes to not only provide the best beer, but also the best stories to consumers.

Craftroads Beverage is acutely aware it can only be successful if its brewers are successful. It is for this reason we will do all that we can for our brewers. We are more than just an Indiana beer distributor— we view ourselves as partners, consultants and strategists for the brands we represent. We believe in the importance of face-to-face meetings between supplier & distributor to plan growth together.”  —  Craftroads Beverage About

Box Truck Wrap

The Box Truck Wrap

When we first looked at the customer furnished artwork, it made us stop and look twice. I for one, had never seen anything like it. It was an incredibly creative idea. A three for one. Different messages and artwork for each side and another for the rear of the vehicle. Wow. This wrap is fun.


On one side, you have Pseudo Sue, a purple and green T-rex with bright white fangs flaring on a background of yellow images of hops. It’s the logo for Toppling Goliath Brewing Company’s signature pale ale Pseudo Sue. “This single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well-balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango, and evergreen. Pseudo Sue’s unique taste is clean and bright with just enough bite!” —  Toppling Goliath Brewing Company


On the other side is an entirely different story. Apples scattered on a gray wooden board. Red apples, yellow apples, and green apples. Small apples, large apples, and apple leaves. The apples are the backdrop for the Ash & Elm Cider Company logo. “Ash & Elm ciders are made from 100% pure apple juice, provided by regional family orchards in Indiana and Michigan. We have different ciders for different tastes, with semi-sweet and dry house ciders. We also have rotating seasonal ciders as well as special edition premium ciders available…” — About Ash & Elm Cider

Bringing Up the Rear

The rear of the truck shares the logo for Craftroads Beverage. It’s hard to miss. The story here is beer … and cider. Not just any beer and cider, craft beer and cider. I personally want to thank CraftRoads Beverage for carrying Anderson Valley. It’s one of my favorite breweries, and for a few years, it was unavailable in Central Indiana. Thank you!

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