When people think of calls to action, they think of websites, blog posts, and TV commercials not vehicle graphics. Some vehicle graphics remain unchanged for five years or more, wouldn’t that become boring as well as outdated? Yes, it could, but there are ways to create an effective vehicle graphic CTA that isn’t boring or soon obsolete.

The other day I noticed a tractor-trailer from a national restaurant chain. The sides of the trailer stated they wouldn’t raise their prices for the entire year. They’ll change the graphics next year, which may not seem cost effective, but they have a year for this campaign. I visited their establishment the next day, so I know it worked at least once.

My CTA for You

How many times have you read an article or a blog post and thought, “I should do that.” but never followed up? Yea, me too. So this post has action plans for you to complete. It’s my CTA for you. 

How to Build a Vehicle Graphic CTA

Know who your target audience is – Who is your ideal customer, who you want to connect with?

Action Plan – List one to three types prospects you’d like to connect with.

  1. _______________________________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________________________

Tell ’em what you want them to do – Spell it out with actions. “Call us, Visit our Website, or Come to our Location” or “Sign up, Walk in, Follow us!” Because a call without an action isn’t effective.

Acton Plan – List three actions you’d want people who see your vehicle graphics to take

  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________________

Entice and intrigue them – Add urgency such as, “Use this code and save 10 %” or “Schedule an Appointment through our Website and Receive a FREE Whatsit!” Post special offers for instance, “Mention this Graphic and SAVE!”

Action plan – Name three urgent messages you could share.

  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________________

Solve Problems – If you want to catch someone’s attention, make their life easier. Solve their problems. Do you offer 24/ 7 service? Tell it and sell it with copy and an image of your repair person. Do you offer remote auto services, pick up and deliver dry cleaning, or guarantee same day service? Whatever your USP (Unique Sales Position) is—sell it in words and images.

Acton Plan – List three things that make your business unique

  1. _________________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________________

How will prospects contact you? Is your phone number and web address easy to read and to find. Is it on every side of your vehicle

Action Plan – Answer the following:  

  1. Is Contact info on all sides? _____________________________________________________
  2. Is it an easy to read font and contrasts well against the background? __________________________
  3. Are the fonts  large enough to be seen from 30 to 50 feet away?____________________________________

Are You Ready to Take Action?

Is it time to make your vehicle graphics part of your overall marketing action plan? If you’ve completed the action plans you have ideas for action, urgency, and USP. Vehicle advertising is more than identification and should be more than branding.

Vehicle graphics should promote action, and that’s accomplished with effective calls to action. Entice them, tell them, and solve their problems and customers will come calling. They’ll take action.

If you’re ready to take action on your vehicle graphics Contact Us.