FAQ: Can I Reuse My Banners?
Yes you can, and with a few simple precautions, they may be used repeatedly. There are varying levels of quality in banner material. If banners are to be re-used, a higher quality material should be chosen. The next consideration is where it will be used. If a banner is used outdoors and exposed to wind, temperature changes, moisture, and sun for the long term, it will wear sooner than one used indoors. After quality and exposure, the two biggest factors in a banner’s life and usefulness is how the banner is installed and stored.

Banner Installation
• Banners should be hung tightly with rope, bungee cords, or snap hooks.
• Strong, stable supports should be used to attach the ropes, such as fence posts or buildings.
• For larger banners, a guide wire is recommended.
• Ropes should be installed horizontally, not at an angle.
• Tension should be even on all corners to reduce flapping.
• Remove banners during extreme weather.
• It’s preferable to mount banners in areas protected from the sun and weather.

Banner Storage
• Before storing, clean the banner with soapy water (not recommended for paper banners).
• Thoroughly dry the banner.
• Lightly roll the banner with the printed side out.
• Store in a protected, cool, and dry area.
• When storing for extended periods, place banners in a box and mark the box.

Improperly hung banners may allow movement, which can and will damage banners. Flapping can harm adhesive vinyl graphics, causing them to become loose, wrinkled, or torn, and the banner material itself can rip, stretch, and tear. Likewise, improper storage can ruin a banner by permanently creasing the banner material, or damaging the applied graphics. With proper installation and storage, banners may be preserved and re-used. If you’d like to learn more about banners and their many uses, just drop us a line. Here’s some additional information about banners and other retail graphics.

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