What is the warranty on a vehicle wrap? That’s a good question because it depends on multiple factors.

What Is the Warranty on a Vehicle Wrap? 

The short answer — it depends on the material, but usually 3 to 7 years. We work with several manufactures of adhesive vinyl who offer hundreds of material choices. One of the more common materials is 3M’s 180 (PDF), but the warranty on this material varies depending on the following:

1. Color — some colors, such as reds and yellows, may fade faster, shortening the warranty. Climate may have an effect as well.

2. 3M Authorized — we’re an Authorized Scotchprint Manufacturer, which means we’ve passed on-site inspections; not all providers are authorized by 3M, which may limit their warranties. An authorized Scotchprint provider does more than print adhesive vinyl graphics properly. A Scotchprint provider uses the correct inks to match materials, overlaminates as specified, and has trained application specialists.

“Laminate on vehicle wraps provides protection against abrasion from road grime and rocks, as well as moisture. The UV protection laminate provides will help protect the printed graphics against fading and deterioration.” — Sign & Digital Design Magazine

3. MCS (Match Component System) — this means all materials and inks are approved and qualify for the warranties. For instance, using an inferior or unapproved ink on a quality vinyl could nullify the warranty. We implement MCS to ensure the warranty of your vehicle wrap.

“The MCS Warranty protects the end used from defects. Here’s a very basic look at the coverage.

  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Manufacture of the vinyl including adhesiveness
  • Printer and ink defects (excluding misprints)
  • Cutting, when cut according to procedure” — What is the 3M MCS Warranty?

Is it Really a 5 Year Warranty?

“Although the material carries a 5 year warranty, that doesn’t necessarily mean the installation is guaranteed for that amount of time. The installation may have little or no guarantee. A couple of years ago I got several estimates on my roof. When I asked about the warranty I heard from several contractors 20 or 25 years. However, with most of the contractors only the shingles were under warranty. I went with a company that guaranteed their work in writing. A five year warranty on fleet graphics isn’t very useful if installation isn’t covered.” — What Is the Warranty on a Vehicle Wrap?

What’s Best for You? 

Consideration should be given to the length of service on your vehicle. A vehicle with a three year lease may not need a seven year warrantied material. “How long will your fleet graphics last? The answer is a lot depends on who you choose to provide your graphics. Using the best materials for the application. Hiring certified and experienced installers. Taking climate and color in to consideration. And properly maintaining your fleet graphics can and will extend the life of the graphics.”  — How Long Will My Vehicle Wrap Last?

The bottom line is, an established, reputable, and experienced large-format graphics provider can advise you about  the best material for your needs. So, if you’d like to learn more contact us.

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