Can you take your wrapped vehicle through a car wash? If the car wash uses brushes we wouldn’t recommend it  However, keeping your wrapped car or truck clean is important. The longer dirt, road debris, and other contaminants stay on your vehicle, the harder they are to remove, and the more likely they are to damage the finish of your vehicle.

Do and Do Not

Do NOT use automated car washes with brushes as they may damage the wrap.
Most brushless car washes most are acceptable.
When hand washing, use a non-abrasive soft liquid soap and rinse thoroughly.
Power washing is OK, but should be limited to 2000 PSI, and nozzles should be held at least one foot back at a perpendicular angle. Power washing at an angle can lift the edges of decals.For those hard to clean stains, such as insect splatter, tree tar, and bird droppings, soak the area in very hot soapy water for several minutes before cleaning the area.
Wipe fuel spills immediately, as they can damage the vinyl and adhesive if left unattended.

Additional Info

For more information, we recommend this 3M guide, Caring for Your Vehicle Graphics and Wraps [PDF]. And, if you want your 53 foot semi-tractor trailers washed by someone who knows what they’re doing, we can help you at our six bay, 40-acre facility. Just Let us know. We’d love to help you keep a clean image.

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