So, does every vehicle in a fleet need a full wrap? The answer is no, and we’ll share a great example, Whicker Construction’s fleet vehicles. Whicker has more than one type of vehicle in their fleet. The different vehicles have different purposes and are seen differently by different people. It would be nearly impossible for all the vehicles to look exactly unlike and there would be no reason to do so.

Does Every Vehicle in a Fleet Need a Full Wrap?

Example One

We recently completed a full warp of a work van for whicker Construction. The wrap uses a branded image of a beautiful home with the same soft green and blue you’ll find throughout Whicker’s marketing. The logo, a stylized W behind Whicker Construction, works well with the white background. Contact information is easy to find and to read — very imperative at 55 MPH. Bulleted along the side of the van are, custom homes, remodeling, and insurance repairs, which is enough information to set the stage. If you’d like to learn more rad this — Photo Blog: Whicker Construction.

Example Two

does every vehicle in a fleet need to be a full wrap?

Our most recent vehicle graphic project for the Whicker Construction fleet was a pick-up truck. Unlike the work van, it’s not a full wrap. The work truck graphics were designed using plotter cut decals. The graphics stand out in black and white against the gray background of the truck. The company logo is prominent as well as contact information – phone and web address. And Whicker Constructions core services are bullet-pointed on the side, custom homes, remodeling, and insurance repairs.

Both examples work. They both share services, calls to action, and the company brand. Just in different packages. So, does every vehicle in a fleet need to be a full wrap? Nope, not at all, and sometimes depending on the vehicles and their uses, it may not be the best answer to wrap every vehicle in a fleet.

Who is Whicker Construction?

“Whicker Construction knows that you come to us with home in mind. Not just any home. Your home. Like visits from an old friend, conversations over coffee, and planning for the future – you’ll be home with Whicker. We are committed to taking your vision and bringing it to life, detail by detail, in a professional, timely fashion while maintaining the utmost integrity.

Homes by Whicker Construction understands the desire to build that dream home and has been successful over the past two decades because of the simple philosophy of never beginning a project – big or small – without first forming a strong relationship with the homeowner. Like a home, Whicker Construction understands that these relationships must have a solid foundation.” — Whicker Construction About Us

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