Wrapping a short-term leased vehicle is something that should, at least, be considered. If you spend money on advertising, then yes, vehicle graphics should be part of your budget, even for the short-term.

Points to Consider

A full vehicle wrap may not be cost effective for a lease under one year. For leases shorter than 12 months, you might consider adding decals rather than wrapping the vehicle. Another option is magnetic decals, which can easily be removed and re-used.

Short-term promotional vinyl materials designed for this type of application are available. They’re cost effective and easy to remove. A certified graphics provider can advise on the best product for your application.

A properly installed full wrap can add to the vehicle’s resale value by protecting a vehicle’s finish from ultraviolet fading, damage from chemicals, and minor scratches.

Before making a graphics decision on your leased vehicle, consider the best way to deliver your message and what makes financial sense. More info on vehicle graphics can be found in this 3M pdf, and if you have questions about graphics on your short-term lease, be sure to contact us, as time could be short :)

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