There’s no one best type of yard sign; it depends on how it will be used. Standard coroplast 18×24 signs are often best for short-term usage. Since they’re corrugated plastic, completely waterproof, and they tolerate extreme temperatures, they’re good for one-day events, and can last up to two years outdoors. Coroplast signs may be printed on both sides, can be installed by almost anyone, and design options are nearly unlimited. Aluminum signs are more expensive and take a little more time to install, but may be the best option for long-term or reusable applications, such as real estate yard signs.

There’s room for creativity

Yard signs aren’t limited to a specific size or shape. For example, at TKO Graphix, we’ve made them in the shape of a soda bottle for a distributor, an 18” golf ball for a golf outing, and a mother duck with her ducklings for a park. The best size and shape for any yard sign may depend on both the event being promoted and your creativity. By using a UV (Ultra Violet) printer, a sign shop can print on various materials, ranging from plastic, metal, or wood. If you’d like to learn more, or get some creative ideas about yard signs… just give us a sign.