Let’s talk floor graphics. Specifically, how you have fun with floor graphics. A few years ago, TKO Graphix produced and installed floor graphics that resembled a set of tire tracks. The tracks lead to an IndyCar for an event at the Indianapolis Museum of Art – Newfields. The tracks began in the parking lot, traveled up a staircase, and across several different substrates leading to the race car. Floor graphics add dimension, style, and flair to events, retail spaces, and workspaces. They promote, direct, and inform. The tire tracks did all of the above, plus they were fun!

Fun with Floor Graphics—What’s this Mean for Your Business?

Whether it’s to direct foot traffic, advertise a product, or promote a safe work environment, floor graphics should be part of your signage plan. There are times when floor graphics can be a fun and effective way to deliver your message.

Sign Builder Illustrated, the online magazine for professional sign shops, shared this, “As brands try to catch a consumer’s attention in every possible location and direction, floor graphics are becoming increasingly popular and causing many of us to look down and take notice. Creative designers and installers are incorporating floor graphics for high-traffic retail environments, healthcare, and community spaces, and also for P-O-P, special events, and home and office decoration.”

Where Can Vinyl Floor Graphics be Applied?

You can install floor graphics inside or out on various surfaces, including tile, carpet, and sidewalks. Manufacturing facilities use them as safety signs and stores use floor graphics to direct foot traffic. You’ll find floor graphics on the floors of sports areas, and stairwells where they’re used to identify brands, decorate surfaces, advertise new products, and highlight special promotions. For example, vinyl footsteps advertising special offers can lead customers to sale items.

3M says it best with their take on why you shouldn’t forget about adding graphics to the floors. “Take advantage of an often-forgotten graphics opportunity that is, literally, right at your feet. With so many people now staring down at their phones, floors and sidewalks have become a prominent focal point. 3M floor graphic films have the durability to withstand thousands of footsteps and the quality to catch thousands of eyes. Move people and sales in the right direction, with promotional and wayfinding graphics both inside and out.”

Are you ready to have fun with floor graphics?

Floor graphics can be a fun way to broadcast your message effectively. To get your creative juices flowing, check out these 10 examples of fun with floor graphics. Here are three of my favorites.

  • Steaming Hot Cup. Folgers covered a steaming manhole cover in NYC with the top of a steaming coffee cup. Genius!
  • Want fries with that? McDonald’s covered a street crossing with their famous red and gold french fry container — the yellow crosswalk lines became the fries.
  • Park Anywhere. Jeep’s clever use of floor graphics implies that Jeep owners can park anywhere. So simple, yet so effective.

Social Distancing & Wellness Graphics

TKO Graphix can also help you with the not-so-fun floor graphics like, social distancing graphics. Our range of graphic options, including floor graphics, can help keep your patrons and employees safe and informed while demonstrating your company’s commitment to safety.

How to Install Floor Graphics

Properly installed floor graphics can add a new dimension to your office and bring another level of professionalism to your organization.

So, how difficult are floor graphics to install? By following a few basic steps, almost anyone can install floor graphics. In this video, adhesive floor vinyl manufacturer 3M shows how to apply floor graphics.

4 Steps to Installing Vinyl Floor Graphics

  1. Prepare the area– Use a broom to sweep and clean the area with a rag. Use cleaning fluid as needed. Be sure the floor is clean and dry before applying the decal.
  2. Position the decal– Measure to center the decal and make target marks for the installation.
  3. Remove the backing– Once the floor graphic is positioned correctly, remove the backer from the two outside corners.
  4. Squeegee the vinyl– We recommend using 3M squeegees designed to remove all air between the floor and the material for a smooth, trouble-free installation.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to share ideas. We’ll do our best to “floor” you.

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