This post is about the Hendricks Regional Health box truck wrap that we wrapped earlier this year. But more importantly, it’s about what the wrap represents. However, before I get to the wrap, I want to share a personal story.

That Time I Passed Out at Work

Several years ago, I got up from my desk at TKO Graphix and experienced lightheadedness. I took a couple of steps, and suddenly I was dizzy and disoriented, and then before I knew it, I fell to the floor. I had passed out and was rushed to the hospital by Plainfield’s finest; they were great. They asked what hospital to take me to. I choose an Indianapolis hospital.


When I was wheeled into Emergency, the first thing I noticed was the number of patients. There were dozens of people waiting, others in line at check-in. And as I was to learn later still more in hallways and side rooms. Some in carts, others in beds. I was checked in, my vital signs were taken, and then I was wheeled to a room where I waited more than three hours to see a physician.

Have You Ever Tried to Sleep in an Emergency Ward? Good Luck

I spent the night in an Emergency Room. I learned the next day that I had experienced a potassium deficiency. While I was there, I talked with staff. They apologized for the time it took to get processed, see a doctor, and have tests completed. I asked why it took so long and was told because they were so backed up with patients in Emergency. Here’s the point I want to get to. I was told the majority of patients waiting didn’t need emergency assistance. A family doctor, clinic, or immediate care could have helped them.

The Problem

The problem was that many of those folks waiting in Emergency had nowhere else to go. Some didn’t understand the difference between an Emergency Room and Immediate Care, and still others had little choice due to lack of transportation, low income, or no insurance.

I’m not a healthcare expert; I’m repeating what was shared with me by the medical staff. However, what they told me makes a lot of sense. And that’s why what Hendricks Regional Health has done at their Danville and Brownsburg operations is brilliant. Next to both Emergency Rooms are Immediate Health Care Clinics.

A Solution

“Our Emergency Departments in Danville and Brownsburg, featuring convenient side-by-side emergency and immediate care, continue our mission in providing increased access to care close to home. Generally speaking, if you are in a significant amount of pain, the ER is the right place to go. For less severe illnesses, injuries and symptoms, it is best to contact your primary care physician, or visit Immediate or Urgent Care if you are not able to see your physician in a timely manner.” — Hendicks.Org/Emergency

The Hendricks Regional Health Box Truck Wrap 

When I looked at the  Hendricks Regional Health Box truck wrap, I immediately noticed the smiling face of David Farman, MD. Dr. Farman is the Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Hendricks Regional. After following the background behind Dr. Farman my eyes were pulled to the top of the wrap “Hendricks Quality Care” and the meaningful tagline “At the Speed of Life.”  Finally, my gaze rested on the website address. I grabbed my phone as I was standing there and went to the site.

The Hendricks Regional Health box truck wrap sends a message. It works. But what is more important is the message. The lesson for me is if I ever need Plainfield’s finest to transport me to Emergency Care again, I’ll know where to tell them to take me.

If we can help you send your message, Contact Us, whether it’s an emergency or not.