Last month, my wife was looking for a new optometrist. It’s a big deal to her. She’s worn glasses since she was four years old, and she faces a few challenges. She was looking for a doctor who understood her needs with a staff who would follow through with their promises. For someone she could trust. She was looking for good customer service. Aren’t we all?

A Testimonial on Customer Service 

At TKO, we work hard at developing trust with our customers. Our installers are certified, we use training checklists in production, and our management team participates in leadership development. Last week, we received an email from Mike Bayer of Vehicle Collision Services in Louisville, Kentucky. He had contracted us to to complete vehicle graphics as part of a project he was doing for his customer. Here’s an excerpt of what Mike had to say:

“I am a very detailed, analytical perfectionist… I expect people to do their job and do it right…These days, you do not get that very often. When you do, I think you should recognize it. I just wanted to pass on kudos to your crew. Got here… (they) got after it… stayed on it… got it done… impressive by itself, but add to that, the quality of the install… by today’s standards… over the top. They cleaned up their mess. They were courteous & professional, and excellent representatives of your company…”



Trust has to be Earned

Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. We earned Mike’s trust the old fashioned way — we did what we said we’d do, on time, and to the best of our abilities. Don’t get me wrong — we’re not perfect. We make mistakes, but we do our best to make them right. We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, here are a few of the services we offer.

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