Photo Blog: Tuchman Cleaners

Although packed with information, this wrap looks clean. Because it’s easily identified, shares information, and offers calls to action. So, let’s break down the design and how it works.


It uses a stylized, branded font associated with Tuchman. Prominently displayed the copy captures attention making it easily recognizable.

Call to Action

The mention of free pickup and delivery, coupled with an easy to read phone number and website, which is attractive to  consumers.


Sharing that the company has been “Serving Indianapolis Since 1916” combined with their slogan, “It’s right, it’s ready, It’s guaranteed” portrays trustworthiness.


Without dominating the design, the image of the young lady and her dry cleaning immediately informs observers what the vehicle represents.

In the first part of the last century, before adhesive vinyl was available and graphics were painted on fleet vehicles, it was common to limit the information to company name, phone number, logo, and occasionally a motto. We’re no longer restricted to the limitations of painted graphics, and if you believe the only way to present a professional and clean looking image on your vehicles is by doing less – I’d suggest you look at this Tuchman wrap one more time. Because it works.  I’d hate to be in competition with them. If you’d like ideas for your fleet – we can help you “clean up” against your competition. Give us a call at 1-888-544-8051.

About Tuchman Cleaners (from

“Tuchman is a 92 year-old household name. We have been recognized as the largest dry-cleaning company with continuous operations in Indiana. We are open 7 days a week and provide Same-Day dry-cleaning and shirt laundry service on all garments brought in by 9:00AM, Monday through Saturday. Tuchman Cleaners has been the Official Cleaner of Coats for Kids for over 25 years. During those 25 years we have cleaned over 170,000 coats for children in central Indiana.”

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