The Wildman Uniform and Linen 53-foot trailer wrap is not only effective it’s attractive, and that’s a great combination.

What Makes this Wrap Work?

What makes this wrap work? The simplicity of the design makes it work, because keeping it simple helps project the message of professionalism. While maintaining an elegance that is pleasing to the eye.

The Wildman logo is used in prominent positions both side and rear, and you might have noticed the “W” in the logo is white against a blue background on the side of the trailer, while blue with a silver background on the rear. The color contrast was used because it shows up, and shows up well.

Just below the logo the copy succinctly shares what Wildman does—Uniforms and Linens. Next, it’s easy to find the contact information. Contact information shouldn’t be something consumers have to search for.  Add to that the vibrant blue ending in a lighter shade swoop followed by white, and you have a trailer that works.

What Does Wildman Uniform and Linen Offer?

“We provide image, professionalism, quality, consistency, and value through our uniform rental programs, linen supply solutions, and walk off mat protection systems, restroom supply, and environmental recycling of rags, absorbents, and PPE products. A lot has changed in the last 60 years, and Wildman has been on the forefront of those changes. Uniforms and linen are personal, and we make it personal by listening to you, our customer. With this philosophy, we continuously reinvest in our state of the art production facility and our people. This has led to substantial differences in how we approach the textile rental market.” — Wildman

Wildman Uniform and Linen Customer Guarantee

  • All rental item picked up on the regular scheduled day will be returned on the next regular delivery day
  • Every garment will be inspected and repaired when needed.
  • Every add man requesting standard size and color received on a regular delivery day will be delivered in one week.
  • Everyone will be individually measured to ensure proper fit during the route delivery period.
  • Failure to meet the guarantees contained herein warrant an adjustment equal to the specific amount of the non-performance.


And Our Point is….

You don’t have to go “Wild” to design, fabricate, and install powerful fleet graphics. Because a trailer wrap that captures attention, shares the primary message of what a company does, and then shows how to contact them, is the best possible design. So keep that in mind for your next fleet graphics, because going over the top may place your vehicle graphics on the bottom.

If you’d like us to come up with a few not so “Wild” ideas for your fleet graphics, Contact Us because we know how to make your fleet graphics stand out.