Okay, you got me, tractor-trailer advertising is one of the largest components of our business, so of course, we’re going to tell you tractor-trailer advertising rocks. But the statement is easy to defend because well, you see, tractor-trailer advertising does rock.

Reasons Tractor-Trailer Advertising Rocks

tractor-trailer advertising

Tractor Trailers are Huge

The standard class 8 tractor-trailer is 53 feet long. That’s two 53-feet long sides to advertise on, and then you have the back of the trailer as well.

It’s a Moving Billboard

And it’s a billboard that travels some of the most traffic-dense roads in America – superhighways. It’s estimated that one tractor-trailer can generate more than 50,000 impressions in a day. You’re Driving Your Best Advertising.

It’s Long Lasting and Durable

Depending on the adhesive vinyl material used, climate, and usage, wraps can last upwards of seven years.

It Adds to Your Brand

By creating a graphic design that fits your brand, tractor-trailer advertising enhances and enlarges your brands reach.

It’s No Longer Only Identification

Yes, identification is important and required as in DOT (Department of Transportation) numbers, but it’s more than identifying who you are. Tractor-trailer advertising is an opportunity to share what you do and what makes you unique. It’s an opportunity to advertise.

Drivers Dig it

Don’t laugh, drivers appreciate driving an attractive vehicle, and vehicles graphics are one of the best ways to add to the appearance of any fleet of vehicles. Which would you rather have a driver who is ashamed of his or her truck or one who is proud and presents a sense of pride to your customers?

There’s Room for Creativity

53 times two plus the rear add up to more than 120 feet by 8 feet of potential advertising space. That’s a huge canvas and one that begs for creative design.

It’s a Two for One Deal

A full warp on a 53-foot trailer not only is a great way to advertise but it also protects the trailer’s finish. It’s BOGO bonus! How Much do Fleet Graphics Cost?

What’s Your Reason? 

Whatever your reason for tractor-trailer advertising the bottom line is tractor trailer advertising is affordable and effective and should be part of your advertising budget. If you’d like to learn more, you can Contact Us or jot the information down from one of our fleet vehicles.

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