This recreational vehicle wrap represetnts TravelIN a Indiana’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine dedicated to sharing, “…the things that make Indiana a great place to live, work, and play.”  The magazine covers the arts, culinary delights, Indiana history, family fun, and outdoor adventures. It shares stories from all over Indiana, southern, central, and northern and highlights Indiana’s cities and towns—Bloomington, Lafayette, Nashville, Richmond and more. And the TraveliN recreational vehicle wrap fits the publications image.

The magazine is outstanding. Great stories with photos that enhance the copy. Smart layout and excellent design.  TraveliN is available in print and online. Their website offers much including a blog.  I enjoy a well-rounded blog site. A blog should be entertaining, informative, and problem-solving. The Travel Indiana Blog is all of the above. Its extensive topics are well-written, interesting, insightful, and useful.

The Spring 2017 Issue  

The spring 2017 issue of TraveliN includes features on Indiana horse racing, summer festivals, and top destinations. Special Sections include State Park horseman’s camps, historic restaurants, and a live performance calendar.

My wife and I spent ten days in May travelling the Southwest. After reading the spring Issue, I can’t wait to take ten days (or more) and explore Indiana. I was born in Marion, Indiana…a long time ago, and I’ve spent most of my life here, but the magazine shared points of interest and places to visit that I wasn’t aware of.

The Recreational Vehicle Wrap

The Travel Indiana Wrap is eye-catching and informative. The blue and gray diagonal stripes capture attention even at 55 MPH, and TraveliN stands out. Travelers who see this graphic might not know who TraveliN is, but they’ll know what it’s about, and soon learn who TraveliN is.

A quick look to the top of the RV makes it clear “Indiana’s Travel and Lifestyle Magazine”. I personally love the magazine covers on the side of the vehicle. The excited boy on the Summer Festivals cover is fun and compelling. I want to know more, and the only way to do that is to read about it.

There are thousands of ways to approach a recreational vehicle wrap but only one way that’s right for a specific organization sharing a special message. TraveliN got it right. The RV graphics send their message loud and clear.

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