Tuttorosso is Italian for all red and that describes their products, as well as their tractor-trailer wraps. While the trailers may not be all red, it certainly is the dominate color. One glance at the semi-trailer and you know it’s hauling the freshest, ripest, and reddest tomato products there are. You see it and think fondly of your grandmother’s pasta, and that’s what a full trailer wrap is supposed to do.

Who is Tuttorosso?

Tuttorosso Tomato Products  have been found in the pantries of “…discerning cooks since 1929. Tuttorosso is owned by Red Gold, a fourth generation family of tomato experts with a family tradition of producing the freshest, best tasting, tomato products in the world!” They offer more than 100 tomato products including:

  • Crushed, whole, peeled, sliced, and plum shaped tomatoes,
  • Tomato puree and tomato paste
  • Tomato sauces—too many to list

Recipes and More

Their website shares recipes by product, meal, dish, diet, ingredients, and time to table. Most are rated beginner/novice or homecook/intermediate. They’re further broken down into 19 categories such as turkey leftovers, microwavable, and budget stretchers. So, if you like to cook, love Italian, and think tomatoes are one of the four basic food groups—you’ll love these recipes.

You can Join a Tomato Social Network 

The site also shares Club Tuttorosso, which is an email newsletter and a lot more. New recipes are shared by Tuttorosso and others…and you can converse with members. Because, it’s a tomato recipe social network! You can share your recipes, discuss ingredients, and don’t be surprised if your permission is requested to post your recipe on the Tutttorosso website.

The Tuttorossa fleet graphics are one of our favorites; from digital print to installation, the bright colors, tomato fields, and product placement on this design are—invigorating. I quote psychology.com, “Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.”

Are you ready to take action? If you’d like to learn more about wrapping your fleet contact us, we’ll help you find your color.