There’s a story behind this Versteel box truck wrap. I met Tony Alford at TKO Graphix when he came to pick up a newly wrapped box truck. Before I go any further, this is for my fellow Hoosiers; yes Tony is related to Indiana basketball legend Steve Alford. They’re second cousins. But enough about basketball, let’s talk about the Versteel box truck wrap.

The Versteel Box Truck Wrap

Who is Versteel?

I asked Tony about Versteel, “We make high-end furniture, office furniture, and steel products. We market all over the United States and Canada and all over the world. Our products are manufactured in Jasper, IN. We’re known nationwide as the place where fine contract furniture is designed and produced.”

This excerpt from their mission statement says a lot about them: “We provide innovative, quality products with outstanding customer service supported by sound partnerships with all stakeholders.”

How Are the Versteel Box Trucks Used?

Next, I asked Tony how they use the Versteel box truck wrap, “We use the box trucks for shipping furniture, and we use them for intercompany transportation. For example, we have a chrome manufacturing plant in Evansville, IN and we go back and forth every day.”

Why Wrap the Box Trucks?

I wanted to know why Versteel wrapped the box trucks, Tony said, “We like people to know what we do, what we make, and how to contact us. The contact information is all on the truck, and we have people contact us after they’ve seen the truck.”

The trucks travel all over North America, delivering products and supplies. These company vehicles have become national rolling billboards for Versteel. They stand out because the Versteel box truck wrap is an eye-catching design that tells a story and shares highly visible contact information. It’s that simple.

How Can We Help You?

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