What do your fleet graphics say about your business? The better question might be, what shouldn’t your fleet graphics say about your business? As important as fleet graphics can be to your business, too often, there’s often not enough thought given to what the design should convey and how to send the best message.

Poorly considered vehicle wraps and decals are on every street in America. There are cars with no hierarchy, trucks without a call to action, and vans with little or no brand identification. Designs with poor contrast, fuzzy fonts, busy images, too much copy, as well as poorly placed graphics are everywhere – just look around.

What do your fleet graphics say about your business?

What Do Your Fleet Graphics Say About Your Business?

  • How do you want your organization to be known?
  • What’s your core product or service?
  • What’s the biggest problem you solve for your customer?
  • How will brand unification be achieved on your fleet graphics?
  • What’s your USP (Unique Sales Position)?
  • Who’s your target audience?

Before you can begin the design process, you should be able to answer these questions, because if you don’t, unless you’re incredibly fortunate, your vehicles will become one more example of poorly considered and badly designed fleet graphics. You might not incorporate every answer to every question into your design. However, you should know the answers to most of these questions before you decide what should be part of your design as well as what should not.

What Are the Biggest Vehicle Graphics Design Mistakes?

The biggest mistake is color. “You can overcome a poor design with proper use of color, but a great design can’t cover up bad color choices.” TKO VP of Marketing, Nancy Jarial, gave this example: “A vehicle with light yellow letters against a white background would be nearly illegible regardless of how well designed it is.”

Other Mistakes Include:

  • TMI, too much info on a vehicle can distract from the primary message
  • Too busy with too many images, colors, and too much copy
  • Hard to read fonts. Italics or Comic Sans might look good on a business card, okay they don’t, but it absolutely doesn’t work on fleet graphics. If a potential customer can’t understand the copy in five seconds or less while driving down the road – it doesn’t work.
  • Too small. Trying to save a buck by cutting down the size of a decal is a bad idea that happens much too often. My wife and I search for a find these almost every day. It’s a game we play.

Fleet Graphics Are an Investment

So, What do your fleet graphics say about your business? Vehicle wraps aren’t a cost because when properly designed, they offer a return on your investment. A good design introduces your business to new customers and sends a call to action. Poorly designed fleet graphics are the opposite, they’re an expense, not an investment, and it’s an expense that keeps on costing by sending the wrong message. What do your fleet graphics say about your business? Do you know the answer?

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