When you enter the office of 12 Stars Media  one of the first things you notice is video equipment set for action; it’s as if you’ve walked into the middle of a shoot. No surprise—that is what they do, but there is a surprise—it’s not a shoot, it’s a wall mural.

The Photo

Michelle Downs, 12 Stars Director of Content and Community, took the photo, which became the wall mural, at PDA Photography during a PERQ video shoot.  When the shoot was completed, she liked the way the equipment looked—ready for a shoot, but with no one in the frame. She’s used the image on blog posts and shared it on social media.

The Inspiration

Zachary Downs, 12 Stars President and COO, thought the blank wall called for an image. He wanted to create the illusion of work in progress, but didn’t know if the wall was large enough.  Michelle’s photo it was exactly what he had in mind. Zach and Rocky Walls, CEO, reached out to TKO Graphix and connected with TKO Signs National Account Manager, Jack Stackman. Zack still wasn’t certain the image was large enough to give visitors a sense of video in action; Jack, with his 30 years of experience, assured him it was.

The Product

And it was…or is. Zach was blown away by the finished product. Because of Michelle’s great photo, Zach’s vision, and TKO’s help the 12 Stars Media wall mural is alive with action.

If you’d like to learn what TKO can do to help you create the workspace you dream of let us know, we’ll help you get the action started.

Postscript – When I arrived at 12 Stars Media, I realized I’d forgotten my camera. Rather than drive an hour back to Plainfield, Michelle loaned me her camera, Zach set it up, Rocky set the stage, and eventually Zach took the shots. Thank you team 12 Stars Media.

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