One of my favorite work related-tasks is conducting tours of TKO Graphix. Once a month I take new employees on a tour as a part of their orientation, I occasionally show our facilities to clients, and friends are always welcome to twist my arm for a tour.

Our Design Team

Although I sometimes rush through tours, there are a few stops I never omit, and one of them is our design team. Because I sit in an open office area next to our designers, Jamie, Alisha, Brian, and Tracey I hear what they do on a daily basis. I understand how serious they are about not only meeting the customers’ needs but also doing their best for sales consultants, CSRs, and the print shops. The design department does a lot more than offer great vehicle graphic design they assist the entire TKO team.

Design Elements

The TKO Graphics designers are professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience. They make a demanding job look easy. When I stop in the design area on my tours I highlight two of the design principles that guide this team.

Delivering the Message

Have you seen interesting vehicle graphics, billboards, or some other form of advertisement, and although it was eye-catching, wondered who the company was? I see this all the time. It’s an example of design getting in the way of the message. With the advent of digital printers and modern printable adhesive vinyl’s it’s easy to get lost in design creation. However, the priority of vehicle graphic isn’t to deliver an esoteric piece of art—it’s to deliver the message. Don’t misunderstand me; there’s nothing wrong with delivering the message through a vehicle graphic design that’s a work of art. That’s a win-win.

2D Concepts Don’t Always Fit 3D Vehicles

A few years ago a major food product considered sponsoring a race car. They wanted an image of their bottle applied to the car. They hired an advertising agency to design the vehicle graphic. It looked great on a computer screen. It looked wonderful on paper. However, it would’ve never worked on the race car. The 2D design didn’t take into account the angles and flow of the vehicle. It would’ve been an unrecognizable mess. Our team fixed it, and that’s something else the TKO Graphix design team excels at—taking a 2D concept and applying it to a 3D vehicle.

And That’s Not All They Do

There’s a lot more the TKO Graphix design team does to meet and surpass customer expectations, for example, Don’t let these vehicle graphics design mistakes happen to you, but on my short tour, these two points are what I focus on. Delivering the client’s message through vehicle graphic design and optimizing two-dimensional design concepts to the real world of three-dimensional vehicles. If you’d like to learn more Contact us, and if you’d like a tour just ask for me at the front desk.