We’ve shared quite a bit about vehicle graphic design. In 5 keys to vehicle graphic design we discussed the importance of accurate measurements, using high-resolution images, and making note of areas on a vehicle that can’t be covered. In another post, who should design your vehicle wrap? we share the importance of using an experienced vehicle graphics designer, and still another, 3 keys to designing effective vehicle graphics, we talk about the elegance of keeping it simple. In this post, we’ll consider three points that can take an ordinary vehicle graphic design and make it extraordinary.

Designing an outstanding wrap

A wrap design needs to follow the basics listed in the three posts linked above. If you haven’t read them take a minute and do so. All three are short lists and can be easily digested in a matter of minutes. After the basics, what can lift a wrap to the next level?

Make the wrap fit the vehicle not the vehicle fit the wrap

What type of vehicle is it? What’s its function and purpose? For example, a small economy car can be fun with a “cute” design, but cute on a 53’ trailer may present a challenge. Conversely, attempting to wrap an economy car to present a strong image will be difficult. Before beginning a vehicle wrap design take a good hard look at the vehicle and ask yourself what image fits the car or truck and its job?

Target your audience

Who is your target audience and what will attract them? If you’re uncertain, read this post. 4 keys to identifying and reaching your target audience. Here’s an example of identifying and reaching a target audience Effective Air an Effective Wrap. The entire back gate of this box truck is a clean, friendly, and uniformed Effective employee waving at drivers. Homeowners are concerned with who they let in their home. Will they make a mess, are they trustworthy, will my kids be safe around them, and do they know what they’re doing?

This wrap answers all those questions with images. “The friendly smiling face looking back at you and waving almost makes you want to wave back, doesn’t it? It certainly brings a smile to the face. The friendly expert in his branded Effective Air shirt, standing next to his product inspires trust. He looks like the kind of person you’d enjoy sitting down and having a cup of coffee with.”

Make ‘em look and then tell ’em your story

You may only have 3 seconds to tell your story. Think about what your wrap design will look like at 65 MPH, stopped at a stop light, or parked at a customer. The design must be able to catch the eye of consumers without muddying the message. Not an easy trick. The Effective air wrap linked above achieves this. Here are three more examples.

If you’d like to view more outstanding examples check out the TKO Graphix Portfolio

Stand out and above your competition

Designing your next vehicle wrap to fit the vehicle, target your audience, and capture the public’s attention in three seconds or less will put you head and shoulders above your competition. If you’d like to learn more about designing outstanding fleet graphics contact us, we stand up for those who stand out.