So, 4 keys to successful fleet graphics design, what are they? We’ve all seen company cars and trucks on the highway and asked ourselves, “What were they thinking?” Whenever I bring this up, I think of a B2B (Business to Business) provider whose large box truck was covered with a nearly nude woman. I mean, what were they thinking? I’m not a prude, far from it, but it offended me, and I can only imagine what a woman-owned business might think.

How to Create a Successful Fleet Graphics Design

Be Appropriate

So, the first key to a successful fleet graphic design is to be appropriate. And that doesn’t only mean the subject such as the naked lady, but that the design matches the business and the industry. For example, I recently saw a funeral parlor sign that said, “Think outside of the box.” Granted it’s funny, but would it be funny if you were burying a loved one who was in a box, a casket, at that funeral home?

Recently, while commuting to work, I was stopped behind a local retailer’s delivery truck. The retailer markets to an upscale niche. Their brick and mortar outlets are well designed, tastefully decorated, and impeccably maintained. They offer excellent service, customer follow-up, and after-market training. The box truck sent a different message. It shouted, “WE ARE SECOND-RATE!” When it comes to vehicle graphics, a bad message is worse than no message.

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Match Your Brand

A successful fleet graphics design stays on brand. Color, fonts, and logos on your fleet graphics should match your brand. The logo and company name people see on your website or Facebook page should match what’s on your vehicles. It’s not always possible to match 100%, but it is always possible to be a recognizable brand. If someone is familiar with your organization sees your car or truck, they should immediately recognize it as belonging to your business.

Advertising on vehicle graphics is no different in principle than any other form of advertising. Once a strong brand identity has been determined, it must remain consistent and reliable to the consumer. Often the excitement of vehicular advertising leads companies to design each vehicle in a striking and visually stunning way, but with a complete lack of consistency across their brand. If no two vehicles are the same in their use of graphics, or color scheme, then consumers will not consistently identify the brand.

Create a Call to Action

Why do businesses advertise? Ultimately, it’s to increase business, create new customers, and encourage repeat business. It’s the same with fleet graphics. The days of fleet graphics being simple identification are long gone. Your fleet graphics should promote your business and bring leads to the top of the funnel. The call to action can be as simple as providing your contact information or it can be a special offer. Regardless, the key is to make it clear you want prospects to take action.

Vehicle graphics should promote action, and that’s accomplished with effective calls to action. Entice them, solve their problems and customers will come calling. They’ll take action.

Attract Attention

Let’s face it we’re all bombarded with advertisement. Driving your daily commute, you are surrounded by signs, billboards, and vehicle graphics. So, how can you make your fleet graphics stand out? Here’s an example of how to attract attention. “The friendly smiling face looking back at you and waving almost makes you want to wave back, doesn’t it? It certainly brings a smile to the face. The friendly expert in his branded Effective Air shirt, standing next to his product inspires trust. He looks like the kind of person you’d enjoy sitting down and having a cup of coffee with.” — Effective Air an Effective Work Truck Wrap

“You have 3-5 seconds to direct consumers’ eyes to the areas you’d like them to focus on. To make an impression with a visual image, you must draw attention to the portion of the wrap that you have identified as most critical through effective design.” — 3M — Tips to maximize your wrap’s impact

4 Keys to Successful Fleet Graphics Design

If you create a fleet graphic that is appropriate for your business, matches your brand, sends a call to action, and attracts attention, you will be noticed, and you will attract customers. If we can help you drive your brand message home, Contact Us.