If your business is in a service industry, you should review these 4 fleet graphic design tips for service vehicles before you wrap any of your vehicles. Vehicle graphics can be a tremendous form of advertising. Wrapping your service vehicles is a cost-effective way to market directly to your target audience, but only when the graphics are well-designed.

4 Fleet Graphic Design Tips for Service Vehicles

  1. Grab Attention

Every one of the 4 tips is important. However, if you don’t capture your audience’s attention, the other tips don’t matter because who’s going to see it? So, how do you grab attention? This might sound counterintuitive, but one of the keys to capturing attention with fleet graphics is to keep it simple. There’s a tendency to overdo it with vehicle graphics. Too many colors, images, and words don’t help you capture someone’s eye – they muddle the message.

  • Start by staying on brand. Your vehicle should share the same colors, fonts, and logos as all your marketing.
  • Use colors and color contrast to catch the eye.
  • Share appealing and meaningful images.

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  1. Solve Problems

Okay, you caught the eye of a potential customer, now what? If you want to hold their attention – solve their problems. Do you offer free estimates for service work, 24/7 emergency service, or a price guarantee? If so, share it. If you can be there when a customer needs you to solve their problems, let them know. For example, a business without internet, a home without heat, or an apartment building without water is a problem. If it’s a problem your business can solve, they’ll remember you.

  1. Create Trust

People want to work with businesses they can trust. They want to have confidence that the service provider they chose will deliver. Trust can be created by sharing time in business, tenure of staff, or accreditations. Sharing awards, customer testimonials, and industry memberships can assure prospects you’re the right choice. Adding the logos of trusted brands that your business carries can also make a positive impact.

  1. Make a Call to Action

Now that your fleet vehicles have grabbed attention, solved a problem, and built trust, the next step is to make it easy for them to contact you. Be sure your contact information is easy to find and easy to read. Use highly legible fonts that are large enough to be read while driving the highway at 55 MPH.

“Go with bold text. Often bold, clean lettering best delivers the visual impact your customer deserves. It’s right to the point, easy to read, and interesting to look at. It gets the whole job done in the two to three seconds the viewer has to read it.” — SignCraft.com — Eight ways to create powerful vehicle graphics

Make color contrast your ally by using background colors or shading that makes your contact information stand out. And finally, be sure people can see your information from every side of your service vehicle.

These 4 Fleet Graphic Design Tips for Service Vehicles Work! 

More than any other type of business car or truck, service vehicles go where your target audience dwells. Whether your business does residential plumbing or corporate IT, when your vehicle goes to a customer to complete service, hundreds of potential customers are in the vicinity.

Don’t waste an opportunity to connect with a potential future customer because you didn’t follow these 4 fleet graphic design tips for service vehicles. When you grab attention, solve problems, build trust, and share a call to action, you’ll create leads.

If you follow these graphic design tips for service vehicles, you’ll have fleet graphics that will attract customers old and new.

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