The things you need from a vehicle graphic designer for a successful vehicle graphic are more than the ability to design graphics. The best vehicle graphic designers are competent in much more than just the design. Their design talent is important, however, it takes more than a degree in graphic design to create an outstanding vehicle graphic. The best vehicle graphic designers have technical knowledge, people skills, and an artistic eye. Here’s what you need from a vehicle graphic designer.

6 Things You Need from a Vehicle Graphic Designer

1. Experience in Vehicle Graphic Design

First on the list of things you need from a vehicle graphic designer is three-dimensional, large format, design training. We’ve talked about this previously, but can’t overstate the importance of specific vehicle graphic design experience. Not every graphic designer is qualified to create graphics for vehicles. Cars and trucks have curves, seams, windows, and doors, which will affect the design. For example, vans with sliding doors can cut a design in half when opened. If there are words on the door, they can be cut in half, sometimes creating an unfortunate new word.  The first thing you need from a vehicle graphic designer is vehicle graphic design experience just like the graphics team at TKO Graphix.

2. Technical Knowledge

Creativity is essential for any graphic designer, but as important as creativity is, experience and technical knowledge are more important. Think about it. Regardless of how creative a graphic designer is, they need the experience and tech know-how to bring their creativity to life.

A vehicle graphic designer needs to be knowledgeable in vector formats such as Adobe Illustrator and understand raster file formats like Adobe Photoshop. A vehicle graphic designer will need to understand Pantone Colors, file resolution, and color matching. Knowing how to build screenprint and digital files is critical, as is keeping up with ever-evolving design techniques and software.

3. Creativity

A vehicle graphic designer should understand the customer’s vision and bring it to life, but it’s more than that. A great vehicle graphic designer understands that the design competes against thousands of other advertisements on vehicles, billboards, and roadside signs. They also know that most of the time, fleet graphics only have seconds to grab attention. The challenge is to create a design that tells a story, grabs attention, and sends a call to action – in seconds.

4. Customer Centricity  

You not only want a designer that listens to you, but one that follows through, keeps you informed, and has the integrity to tell you when you’re making a mistake. The best vehicle graphic designers collaborate with customers joining ideas to create a design that captures the client’s vision.

5. Detail Oriented

There’s a lot to consider when designing a vehicle graphic. Here are just a few of the details a competent designer will check.

  • Does the design fit the vehicle?
  • How will door seams, curves, gas caps, and windows affect the design?
  • Will artwork provided by the customer be high enough in resolution and image size to produce quality, large format output?
  • Is it legible and not too busy?
  • Is the call to action clear?
  • Do colors complement each other?
  • Does the font fit the design, and can it be read in seconds?
  • Has the design been proofed for copy and images?

6. A Portfolio that Grabs Your Attention

When you look at a graphic designer’s portfolio, you should be drawn in by the wow factor. Part of any vehicle graphic designer’s portfolio will include standard decals with logos and company names, but it should also share full wraps that grab attention, but still delivers the intended message.

6 Things You Need from a Vehicle Graphic Designer

There are more things you want from a vehicle graphic designer, such as time sensitivity, communication skills, and an open mind. When you find an experienced vehicle graphic designer with technical skills and creativity, who understands you, you’re well on your way to a fleet graphic design that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

For over 35 years, TKO Graphix has provided quality design, production, and installation of fleet graphics and decals. We are proud that thousands of companies throughout North America have trusted TKO Graphix as their fleet graphics provider.

At TKO Graphix we know what you need from a vehicle graphic designer. If you have any questions about fleet graphics, please give us a call at 888-544-8051 or Contact Us online.