Trade show signage can be key to the success of your trade show display. The greatest key to the success of any trade show is a staff that interacts and engages with visitors. Because no booth will sign up a prospect for a drawing, add them to an email list, or set an appointment for a sales presentation. I say no booth will do those things, but if there isn’t an interactive digital trade show booth display doing some of this now, there soon will be. But that’s another blog post. So, this one’s about trade show signage.

A poorly designed booth with inferior signage might not attract the attention of prospects long enough for staff to engage them. A poorly designed booth may even chase some prospects away. And therefore make it difficult, if not impossible, for even the best trained and most competent staff to do their job.

Trade Show Signage

The Booth

The trade show booth itself should be a piece of advertising sharing your brand and call to action.

Pop up Displays

Pop ups only take seconds to assemble. With a framework covered by printed tension fabric and attached with Velcro straps, they’re effective and efficient.

Step and Repeat

Step and repeat banners may be placed in a frame but are sometimes attached to a wall or display. A step and repeat uses a company logo(s) or emblems to create a backdrop, which is often used for publicity photos.

Retractable Banners

I’ve worked thousands of trade shows and retractable banners are one of my favorite trade show advertising display tools. Modern retractable banners, with sturdy aluminum bases, only take seconds to set up. I’ve used as many as three in a row to create a quick and easy backdrop display that was not only attractive, but highly effective as well.

X Stands

An X stand is just what it sounds like, a frame that makes an X with printed fabric attached.

Banners and More

There are banners that can be attached to the top of a booth display, ceiling banners in all shapes and sizes, as well as pop ups.


For outdoors events pop up tents can be branded in corporate colors, printed with logos, and contact information.

Table Clothes

A branded printed table cloth, skirt, or runner is a great addition to any display.

Use What Works for You

Every trade show and every display are different. Organizations have unique messages. Their target audiences vary, and their purposes for attending a trade show may be night and day. Trade show displays and signage can be used to speak your language to your customers and prospects and help you achieve your purpose. If we can help in any way, please Contact Us.

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