Have you noticed that after a short time driving the highways and byways of America everything begins to look the same? Billboards, rest stops, fueling station signs, and vehicle graphics become lost in their sameness. When there are thousands of vehicles with extensive graphics vying for the attention of consumers is it possible to make vehicle graphics stand out from the crowd. Yes, it is.

How to Differentiate Your Vehicle Graphics 

Share Your Niche

Whatever it is that makes your organization unique, share that on your vehicle graphics. If you’ve created a niche for your business, consider making that your vehicle graphics primary message. Don’t settle for sharing your name and number when you have a story to tell. Here’s an example. Green Bean Delivery


Show Your Expertise


Are you an expert in your field? Is your company a leader in your industry? If so let people know. Sharing you expertise is one way to make your vehicle graphics stand out. For example, How to wrap your box truck for a superior impression.


Create a Mascot

B2C businesses of all types use mascots to frame their image. The Michelin Tire Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Mr. Clean, all represent the uniqueness of their brand. Just like MRS Solutions does in their rebrand marketing. How to create winning vehicle graphics.

Be Innovative

Quest Global and TKO Graphix teamed up on an innovative tractor-trailer wrap. Have you noticed the side skirts that adorn more and more tractor-trailers? Why not incorporate the skirts into the tractor-trailer design? That’s what they did. It’s a creative and innovative approach that stands out. Case Study: Quest Global

Try Something New

hat would you think if you saw a branded company tractor-trailer advertising another company on their trailer? That’s what Rural King did. They not only share their space with many of their suppliers but also support organizations such as, FFA (Future Farmers of America). Rural King truck graphics.


Solve a Problem  

If you want to capture someone’s attention solve a problem they have or are likely to encounter. For example, who hasn’t thought about making their home healthier for their family? Effective Air an effective wrap.


Surprise Them!

One way to stand above the crowd is to present a vehicle graphic so different from what consumers expect that it grabs people’s attention. Let’s face it, work vehicles—semi-trailers, box trucks, and vans aren’t exciting vehicles. Lamborghini doesn’t make trucks. How do you make a vacuum truck exciting? Here’s how. Big Purple.

Stand Out by Standing Up

Red Gold has this down to a science. Their colors and images are reflected across campaigns whether it’s their website, a can of tomatoes, or vehicle graphics. Their brand stands out, and it stands up using every bit of available marketing space. If you’ve seen their tractors trailers, you know you can’t help but look. Red Gold Tomato wrap.

Redefine Your Image

Not only redefine your image but reclassify your product, make it an entirely new category. That’s what Hurst Beans has accomplished. They’re not just a bean soup they’re America’s best bean soup. And they’re more than bean soup they’re 15 bean soup! That’s a different category. Wrapping the Hurst Beans trailer



Give Back

Paying it forward is a great way to stand out. Giving back to your community is appreciated and remembered. We have hundreds of examples of organizations giving back. Here’s one. School on Wheels.

How Can Your Vehicle Graphics Stand Out?

There you have it. Ten ways to stand out, each with an example. Do you know what makes your organization unique? If so, do your vehicle graphics share that message? Or are your vehicle graphics little more than identification? If that’s all they are they aren’t going to stand out on the crowded streets. If you’re uncertain whether your vehicle graphics stand out take the time to look at the ten linked examples above, and then contact us on our home page or call us. We’re easy to find. We stand out.