Take a moment and look at the graphics on this van. What do you see? What comes to your mind? Does the image of the mother and daughter grab your eye? Does it send a message of comfort? The Steinhardt Comfort wrap sends the message they want to send. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. They bring comfort. It’s a comforting wrap for Steinhardt comfort. Now ask yourself, do your fleet graphics share the message you want to send?

Who Is Steinhardt Comfort?

“Trusting your family comfort to us is an honor and responsibility we don’t take lightly. For 40 years, the Steinhardtand Carrier names have been associated with honesty and quality for both commercial and residential properties in the Ohio River Valley, serving Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky from our Madison/Hanover, Indiana location. We are committed to giving back through community organizations as a thank you for our success. We’ll work side-by-side with you to select the right option for your home or office or get to the bottom of an issue with your existing system.”  — About Steinhardt Comfort

The Wrap

Steinhardt HVAC

The Steinhardt Comfort Van exudes comfort. One look at this van says this business is about making your home and family comfortable.The tagline “Delivering custom comfort since 1977” and the Carrier decal add trustworthiness. This is a business you can trust at your home or your business. The wrap includes the Steinhardt logo, name, and contact information. The phone number is easy to find. Same for the web address, and if you don’t think that’s important, remember this the next time you see an ad, wrap, or a sign where the contact information is hard to find or difficult to decipher.

And then there’s the mom and child snuggled comfortably under blankets, in bed sharing precious moments. It says it all, doesn’t it?

What Does Steinhardt Comfort Do?

Steinhardt Comfort is an HVAC provider that does more than heating and cooling. Yes, they do residential as well as commercial and industrial heating and cooling services. However, they also offer smart technology, as well as install backup generators, fireplaces, and gas logs.

Are you Comfortable with Your Fleet Graphics?

Do your fleet graphics share your business’s message? Do they tell a story, inspire trust, and make it easy to find you? If your fleet graphics don’t support your brand, add to your image, and bring you new business, then they’re not doing their job. If you’d like to learn more about creating a fleet graphic design that does all of that and more, Contact Us. We’d be comfortable helping you drive your brand message home.