This story is about a pantry, a truck, and a vehicle wrap. Earlier this year I was watching our local FOX affiliate channel 59 when a follow up to a story about a pantry I had been following aired. Someone stole a truck owned by The Lord’s Pantry, a Westside Indianapolis food pantry. The truck was used not only to pick up donations but also to deliver food to those in need. The pantry faced one of the biggest obstacles they’d faced in their nearly 30-year existence. It was heartbreaking, and then there was good news, the kind of news we all hope for.

A Truck is Unretired

Andy Ellis, of Ellis Mechanical and Electrical, was retiring a 2004 Chevrolet service truck. Although it had 146,000 miles, it had been well-maintained and was in good shape. I drove it around the block and said the same thing about the truck to my passenger, but that story is later. Only the week before, Andy had been offered $5,000 for the truck, but turned it down. He wasn’t sure why he didn’t sell the truck when he had the chance. Now he knew. Andy called The Lord’s Pantry and told them he had a truck for them. You gotta love people like Andy, don’t you?

A Phone Call

When I saw what Andy and Ellis Electrical had done, I called Tom Taulman, president, and CEO of TKO Graphix and shared the story. When I finished Tom simply said, “Call them, let’s wrap it.” I did, and we did. This truck is a little more noticeable if anyone tries to steal it. And as far as driving the truck, I got to drive around the block to a spot with the sun behind it for the photograph. Life is good, and it’s full of good people.

Thank you Lord’s Pantry for what you do every day, thank you Andy for the heart of a saint, and thank you Tom Taulman and the TKO Graphix team for your continued community involvement. You all rock.

What is the Lord’s Pantry?

“The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House strives to enhance the lives of those we serve by empowering families through educational programs and nutritional assistance. Through the generosity of many, we will continue to seek out and implement additional programs which will help families to become self-sufficient.”

Here’s the Channel 59 piece Fox 59 Viewer donates truck after theft

If you’d like to learn about the Lord’s Pantry or get involved through donations or volunteering go here à  The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House