It’s easy to lose the message in any form of advertising. Flyers, mailers, and brochures that say too much lose their meaning. TV, and even radio spots, can be overloaded, making them ineffective at conveying the point; it’s the same with vehicle graphics. The Colts and vehicle graphics are a strong way to deliver a message.

A Tour 

I occasionally conduct tours of the TKO facilities for new visitors. I begin the tour where it all starts — in the design department. After introducing our professional team of graphic artists, I discuss the art and science of making two-dimensional concepts fit the three-dimensional reality of a vehicle. Another fleet graphic and vehicle wrap challenge is the temptation to overdo it — to put too many words, colors, and graphics on the car or truck. In the case of vehicle wraps, more is not better… more is less.

My Commute

As I commute, I often notice vehicle graphics that are just too busy. It reminds me of a television commercial that may be flashy and fun, but you can’t quite remember who the company is, or what they do. Not very good marketing, is it? It’s the same with car and truck graphics. You don’t want to lose the message in a cloud of clutter and noise.

The Colts and Vehicle Graphics

As I explain this on the tour, I point to the photo above of the Indianapolis Colts Toyota truck as an example of conveying the message, without cluttering it up. I think the photo says it all: Colts, Toyota, strength, reliability, and teamwork. If you’d like to tour our facility, call me anytime — 317-271-1398 x 227. I’m sure I’ll get the message.