The Secure Transit RV and the matching trailer combine to create an impressive design. However, the RV and the trailer have one big difference. Can you tell what it is? One is painted, and the other has been wrapped in adhesive vinyl graphics, but which is which? Take a minute and look at the photo again. If you guessed the Volvo RV was painted, and the trailer was wrapped with adhesive vinyl graphics, you are correct.

The Challenge

TKO Graphix Designer Tracy White was handed the challenge of designing a trailer wrap from scratch to match the previously painted RV. There were a few obstacles, but with effort and teamwork we think it came out great, and so does the customer. The challenges included:

Matching Colors

In the large format digital print industry, the standard color matching process is PMS (Pantone Matching System) which classifies specific colors through a numbering system. Sometimes the CMYK model is used to designate colors, but in this case, there was no color matching system.

Samples of colors were held next to the RV to gain a match. TKO Graphix Customer Service Representative Blake Lowe did a great job coordinating this with Tracy. The biggest color matching challenge was matching the metallic gold on the RV. Digital print isn’t available in metallic. Tracy settled on a shade of cream to compliment the gold.

Size and Scale

The RV is 40 feet long while the trailer is 30. That means the trailer is ¾ scale to the truck. The design needed to appear to be similar in size and yet fit the trailer at 25% less space than the RV. The challenge was to fit the shorter format while maintaining a graphic flow.

It was a Team Effort

When I talked with Tracy about the design, he gave much of the credit to Blake as well as to the digital print department. Blake not only was integral in matching the colors but he acted as liaison working directly with the customer. His help was invaluable. The colors wouldn’t have come close without his diligence, and the digital print department’s attentiveness to finding the best match.

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