Boyd & Sons Green Streak Super Modified Tractor Wrap

This super modified tractor wrap was fun. Our National Account Representative Gary Meunier enjoyed working with the Boyd and Sons team, the installation team led by Mike Stoops had fun. And everyone at the office loves the photos of the finished wrap. This tractor wrap “pulls” its weight.

Not only did TKO Graphix, appreciate working with the professionals at Boyd and Sons it was mutual. They liked what TKO did as well. Here’s what Greg Boyd had to say, “Gary, I just wanted to drop you a note and send you a few pictures of the new tractor. Everything looks great, and the fans really like the new design. Thank you for working with us on this project on short notice. You and your installer did a fantastic job. Please pass this email on to all that were involved.”

 Who is Boyd & Sons and What do they do?

The answer is they’re a family business, and they do a lot!  They’ve been in trucking for more than 30 years, specializing in flatbed freight to and from all 48 states. They market trailers, machinery, and even have an eBay store, but they don’t stop there. The family has been farming longer than they’ve been trucking and continue to farm thousands of acres in southwestern, Indiana,

“Steve, Karen, Greg, and Jennifer, along with the help of some outstanding employees, farm several thousands of acres throughout southwestern Indiana growing corn and soybeans. From the spring planting season to the harvest in the fall all operations are handled with up to date equipment. The family farm is outfitted with a state of the art grain facility. Much of the grain produced by Boyd and Sons Farms are sold to businesses in nearby communities, and assists in the establishment of employment opportunities for residents of many southwestern Indiana.” — Boyd & Sons Farming

Oh, and they do one more thing — they compete in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League in Super Modified Tractors!

What is a Super Modified Tractor?

 “This class is an engineer’s dream, as the goal is to get four Hemi’s, three Turbines or Allison Aircraft Engines to sing in harmony, in a pursuit of putting the power to the track. Tipping the scales at 7800lbs, the competitors in the E-3 Sparkplug Modified class must use every ounce to they have to their advantage.  Fans from across the country, pack the stands for a chance to watch these machines throw dirt and with the power of over 10,000 horses.”  — Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

Are Your Ready for a Makeover?

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